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Plaintiff Injury Firm Finds its Online Heartbeat in Hyper-Competitve Organic Search

Case Study

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney, and Strauss

The law firm of James F. Early (ELSS) is among the nation’s leading plaintiff injury firms specializing in asbestos and other toxic tort litigation. Operating in conjunction their digital marketing leg, The Law Forum, LLC, ELSS has been providing mesothelioma patients and their families with the highest quality internet medical and legal resources since 1995. An innovator in attorney marketing and renowned for their seasoned litigation expertise, ELSS has long upheld only the highest standards of tactful client acquisition and representation.

Challenge Proposition

As a firm whose success was tied more to their ability to effectively litigate asbestos tort claims in court rather than sheer size of client base, ELLS has long forgone typical lead generation advertising in favor of digital mediums. While the quality of the firm’s representation was indisputable, due to the competitive nature of the asbestos tort litigation arena and substantial awards/settlements at stake, ELSS found itself at a disadvantage in organic search visibility and general web presence.

ELSS’s primary web property lacked the necessary authority and content depth to compete with the websites of governmental and academic organizations for medical and environmental-related keywords, and was frequently usurped by similar law firms, utilizing short-term search visibility models. ELSS had a website featuring great information for a niche segment of web users, but was having difficulty connecting search engine users to their content and establishing their authority as a publisher.

Strategy Overview

Terakeet worked with ELSS to carefully understand their target users, while expanding and enhancing their content offering to better satisfy search queries. Careful consideration was given to searcher intent modeling when crafting more substantive copy, so that even if the user didn’t necessarily convert, that the site still satisfied queries, building it’s authority as a resource along the way.

Substantial information architecture changes were made to ensure that search engine value and authority were being appropriately distributed down from the homepage and to the individual sections of the website. A metrics-driven approach allowed Terakeet to determine areas where the website was strong, as well as reveal areas which needed enhanced visibility. Appropriate linking structures and protocols were put in place to ensure the entire site was being crawled by search engines frequently and efficiently, even as it surpassed 6,000 pages of unique content.

A blog was created on the site, establishing the site as a publisher of unique content from a variety of contributors, on a range of topics, which helped to further diversify the content offerings of the site as a whole. A larger branding campaign allowed the site to grow into something more than a single-focus domain about asbestos-related disease. The site became a larger entity focused on connecting the people affected by the disease with the resources and people who could help answer their questions and alleviate the stigma/misinformation endemic to the topic.

Off-page, Terakeet worked tirelessly to establish meaningful and valuable backlink relationships with high impact websites and communities, growing the site’s external authority. Terakeet was able to create high-impact content that attracted external authority in its own right, but was also able to target and satisfy the consumers in specific communities with customized content offerings.

Terakeet established a substantial and meaningful social media presence for the firm’s brand in the tens of thousands of followers, creating a significant referral source of qualified traffic to the site. Rather than solicit the firm’s following through social media purchasing or automation, Terakeet built a grassroots following around connecting those people affected by the disease with information and share experiences of others.


Terakeet’s long-standing relationship with ELSS has proven exponentially beneficial for both parties involved, as the complexities of the industry landscape have shaped Terakeet’s expertise in competitive markets, while the firm has seen staggering improvement in their site’s total traffic, social media reach, search engine visibility, and most importantly, conversions.

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