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Gym Source Accelerates Into New Markets with Terakeet

Case Study // August 11, 2012


  • Industry //


  • Challenge //

    Increase online brand visibility.

  • Result //

    Overall improvements in organic search rankings; achieved #1 result for top keyword term.

Customer Profile

For nearly 75 years, Gym Source has built more gyms for more people than any other fitness equipment company in the world. As America’s largest commercial provider of fitness equipment, Gym Source serves a wide range of clients- from Fortune 500 companies to the Federal Reserve, Equinox to the Armed Forces. With over 300,000 clients in all 50 States and over 50 countries, Gym Source is the proven authority in fitness equipment.

 Challenge Proposition

Gym Source desired to expand their brand and physical retail locations into new markets. The company invested significantly in a new website to support these objectives. However, Gym Source was not in the position to create and implement expansion strategies because they needed to first increase their brand visibility online.

Strategy Overview

Terakeet saw a great opportunity to utilize their technology driven strategy to expand Gym Source’s online visibility. By leveraging proprietary in-house software, Terakeet was efficiently able to identify a large number of existing and new relationships to target with compelling outreach.


Gym Source saw huge improvements in their search engine presence and intelligent visibility of how their online efforts can accelerate expansion into new markets. Gym Source was able to achieve the number one organic ranking for ‘fitness equipment’ and increase the number of Google visits by almost 100%! Terakeet was able to broaden coverage by expanding the non-branded keyword combinations by 250%. As a result of this online presence and intelligent visibility, Gym Source has built an online community and supported their expansion into new markets.

Customer Testimonial

“We started working with Terakeet over 5 years ago when we were just beginning to market to our customers via the web. We were one of the first in our industry to do it and are now the nation’s largest retailer of gym equipment. Over the years Terakeet has become a partner and a friend; demonstrating flexibility on a number of occasions to accommodate our evolving strategies. We continue to rely on Terakeet for a myriad of technology needs.”


While working with Terakeet over the last year, we have seen huge success in achieving search results of terms we were targeting, and have been able to build relationships with influencers on the web. Terakeet has been a pleasure to work with, answering any and all of our questions promptly and professionally. They've maintained transparency and authenticity throughout our entire relationship, and we would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their brand's presence online.

Karin Combs VP of Marketing, Julep

Terakeet provides transparency and measurement that delivers results.

Dustin Robertson Chief Marketing Officer at

Knowing that SEO was important to growing our business, we brought in Terakeet as a partner in developing our web services strategy. This was, without a doubt, the right decision. Since we began working with Terakeet, organic search traffic has doubled for CareMeridian! This has resulted in increased brand recognition and authority for our company. Terakeet has been wonderful to work with; they understand our corporate culture, the value of strong client relationships and setting aggressive, but reasonable goals. The Terakeet team not only develops the right strategies, but makes sure that we understand the process behind those strategies. We value Terakeet’s honest approach in managing the relationship and meeting the objectives jointly defined.

Dan Larson CareMeridian – Chief Development Officer

Over the past 30 years I’ve worked with world leaders, presidents, and some of the leading minds in business all over the world. Mac ranks among the most intelligent, creative, and thorough people I’ve come across. Mac’s team shares his vision and entrepreneurial spirit, which is what makes them the greatest.

Terry McAuliffe Governor of Virginia

I was brought to the Terakeet team by my advertising rep who knew I needed something different, new and capable of working. The web is the way to go–everyone knows that! But figuring out how to do it; do it right, do it effectively and get noticed is a whole other thing…not one most business owners even remotely understand. Terakeet spent time talking with me, getting a feel for my business, my goals, my target market and the image that I wanted for my business. They created a site, complete with concepts that I had never even considered, one that is user friendly, catchy and professional. They then taught ME how to maneuver simple changes to posts and pages so that I had the flexibility to make those changes myself.Site traffic has increased ten fold, visibility is top notch…where I was once paying thousands of dollars to show up at the bottom of a page somewhere, far behind my competition, I now show up on top! These guys took the time to help a small business create the web presence and traffic that I could never have done on my own. From start to finish, every step of the way, and on a continued basis the Terakeet team stays one step ahead of my needs.

Michelle D’Allaird Aesthetic Science Institute – Founder and CEO

Mac is easy to work with and his team was so helpful. Mac was quick to offer solutions and help us take action step by step to up our game and increase our reach so we could more effectively share our content and our message online.

Katie Dowd U.S. Department of State – Internet Director

I’ve been developing some of the nation’s most impactful real estate properties for the last 40 years. On my latest project, we’ve worked with some of the leading technology companies in the world. Terakeet, led by Mac and Patrick consistently demonstrated their innovation, creativity, and execution. They are unmatched.

Robert J. Congel Pyramid Companies / Destiny USA – Founder

The Obama campaign was seeing unprecedented amounts of search traffic on a daily basis. We ranked for plenty of terms, but knew we could better leverage our long-tail organic traffic on the search engines. When we reached out to Mac and his team, we reached out to him because his team is known as the best. Traffic improved, conversion improved, and we followed every recommendation Terakeet made. I continue to recommend Terakeet to anyone ready to invest in SEO.

Andrew Bleeker Obama for America – Former New Media Director