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Layers of Influence Set Digital Foundation for Education Leader

Case Study

In early 2012, Terakeet began working with a global leader in the education vertical.  This well established brand had recently struggled to not only effectively connect with their end consumer, but also manage the negative digital perception of their brand—subsequently resulting in a sizeable loss in market share to their main competitor.

Terakeet knew the biggest hurdle to overcome with this new client would be creating a more personal brand relationship amongst key constituencies. To do so, we would have to bridge the gap between them and their consumers. While they are a clear leader in their respective field, they struggle to effectively relate to their end consumers; fostering a deeply rooted disconnect with little dialogue between the two sides.


In this case, our team quickly realized that the key to shifting perception was to target the influencers in this niche space. However, we didn’t solely focus on strategies targeted to the end consumer. We took the “spider chart” approach, understanding that we must make an impact on not only the target market, but those secondary groups who influence the target market as well. Through focused site discovery using our proprietary technology and the use of custom segmented messaging, we were able to create a meaningful connection with various tastemakers; collaborating to publish positive material on their blogs. Over time, this approach ultimately established credibility with the readership within relevant online communities––creating a sort of “controlled virality” on behalf of our client.


It was all about taking action at the grassroots level, reaching those individuals that are personally connected to their readers and invoking ongoing participation with their audiences. Our approach focused on creating an online human presence on behalf of our client, allowing them to close that former gap. Five blogs quickly turned to 10, and 10 to 20, and before we knew it, we were on hundreds of highly relevant and authoritative web properties––eventually seeing the fruits of our labor bloom into earned mainstream media placements.



As shown in the image, at the end of this initial six-month campaign, we landed our client’s messaging in front of over 20 million people. Not only did we succeed in regards to sheer numbers and mass reach, but there was also a critical level of qualitative achievement. This wasn’t the typical ad-saturated, moderately interested sampling you might get from an ad in a newspaper or a 30-second TV spot. These are the passionate, active, and highly relevant stakeholders that truly care about the subject matter related to our client’s products and services—which ensured maximum impact for the improved digital perception of our client’s brand. 

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