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Chorus Chorus

An innovative content discovery, dialogue, and metrics platform, Chorus delivers unprecedented cross-channel engagement at enterprise scale.

We leverage Chorus internally to provide a uniquely integrative approach to brand visibility, advocacy, and protection. The influencer relationships built through Chorus yield far-reaching attention and social engagement, including the relevant and authoritative search engine signals for competitive organic ranking positions.

Identify Your Audience’s Influencers

Chorus allows us to quickly identify websites that are publishing content relevant to your brand and its offering.

Chorus's robust discovery engine gives our strategists the tools to discover and sort websites by affinity, relevance, and quality. Prospective websites are evaluated across qualitative metrics in order to identify influencers and ensure a site's suitability for an outreach campaign.

Create a Dialogue

Chorus combines quality reviews, message personalization and composition into one seamless view.

Our strategists have access to historical communication insights, qualitative metrics, enhanced template personalization tools, and historical cataloging for future tactical training and design. The merging of numerous productivity tools into a single view allows us to spend more time building relationships on your behalf, as our strategists are able to quickly validate, personalize and email prospects directly from Chorus.

Report Valuable Insights

Chorus offers a rich and comprehensive set of reporting mechanisms to assist with the design, execution and analysis of brand outreach campaigns.

A real-time, fully customizable client-facing dashboard utilizes a robust suite of APIs for segmentable website traffic reporting, keyword rankings and competitive analysis, outreach performance metrics, backlink profile analysis, and direct production-to-rankings correlation graphs by target URL, giving you the insight to assess campaign performance and monitor improvements in search engine visibility as they happen. The dashboard supports a variety of export features for comprehensive offline reporting.

Chorus Solutions

Organic Brand Visibility

Visibility and engagement drive success. We connect you with the influencers your customers listen to, expanding your brand’s digital footprint and lifting you above the competition.

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Digital Advocacy Solutions

Bring your message directly to those who shape public perception. We spark natural dialogue among your target audience, engage the key voices within it, and earn you mainstream media coverage.

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Online Reputation Management

How you appear in online search results can directly impact you or your business. Maintain or restore your reputation with around the clock monitoring and shaping of your online presence.

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