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Millions of influencers. Chorus finds the ones your customers trust.

The task of finding and reaching the right people in a vast, crowded influencer landscape is influencer marketing’s most daunting challenge. We overcame it by creating Chorus.

  • Find Influencers

    We look beyond the tip of the iceberg, using Chorus to catalogue, sort, and qualify the most relevant influencers in a landscape of millions.

  • Reach Out

    Because Chorus can identify and segment groups of influencers with specific shared interests, we’re able to craft highly targeted campaigns to get them talking about your brand.

Influencer marketing is top heavy

The path of least resistance dictates that a relatively small pool of influencers soaks up the lion’s share of marketing dollars with diminishing returns. Everyone knows the world is bigger than this select group of mega-influencers, but the task of finding and reaching the right people in that landscape has been too daunting. Until now.

We created Chorus to navigate this vast world of influencers.

Perfected over our decade of doing influencer outreach, we use it to find the right influencers and reach them with custom brand campaigns.

Chorus’s metrics dashboard means you can always see what we’re doing for you and the results of our activities.

  • Site Performance

    See how your site is performing against program goals. Everything from keyword tracking to segmented traffic to program target pages, fully customized to show you what’s important to your business.

  • Influencer Metrics

    Easily assess an individual influencer’s audience, site authority, and which social networks they perform best on. Once an influencer posts a piece of content, you’ll see how their audience is engaging with it and how many people are potentially seeing it.

  • Competitor Insights

    See how your site stacks up against competitors in a particular space, including how other influencers are mentioning them and the types of conversations that are happening without you.

  • Terakeet Activities

    Every email we send, every influencer we discover, every step we take toward your goals--you have complete visibility into everything we’re doing for your brand on a daily basis.

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