Driving Exponential Growth for a Disruptive Home Furnishings Brand


A disruptive home furnishings brand approached Terakeet just before its brand launched. As a new brand, the business needed to build brand recognition and search engine visibility in a space dominated by giant, established retailers. With an initial website that contained merely a single page at the start, generating organic search results posed a challenge.


  • 340,000+ Monthly organic traffic achieved within 2 years
  • 5,252% Increased Google top 20 keywords by 5,252% over 3 years


Terakeet delivered Enterprise SEO solutions for our client in four key areas:

Technical SEO

Terakeet guided our client through a website buildout and high-impact on-page optimization.

Strategic Outreach

We leveraged our Chorus technology to conduct highly-effective strategic outreach to a carefully-curated group of online publishers. These efforts drove substantial growth in the number of keyword rankings in addition to traffic and revenue.

Terakeet’s partnership with the brand remains a critical driver of the company’s exponential growth from a small team with a single-page website to a booming company rumored to have billion-dollar acquisition interest from major, high-profile retailers.

Increased Google top 20 keywords by 5,252% over 3 years!

Strategic Outreach Results

  • 1,120+ Secured 1.1K organic content placements with publishers, influencers, and other partners
  • 55,500+ Drove close to 55.6K audience engagement events
  • 31,264,000+ Achieved a total combined audience reach of close to 31.3 million

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