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5 Halloween Costumes for SEOs

Inside Terakeet October 28, 2013

I love Halloween, the costumes, the decorations, and the absurd amount of candy that is around. Every Halloween I make sure my costume is something that people will remember, and this year is no different. After being introduced to the wonderful world of search engine optimization, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give back to my community by representing them at Halloween. I have compiled a list of my favorite search related costume ideas and decided to share them with all you stragglers who still need ideas. Whether going out to party to search for some (long) tail, or taking the kids to get candy, these costumes are sure to optimize your Halloween experience.


Not Provided

The infamous not provided. Now withholding keyword data for the majority of search results from Google. This costume would surely draw the ire of anyone who understood it, but isn’t that half the fun? If you wanted to go this route you could keep it as simple as wearing a black shirt with the not provided logo on it. Or if you really wanted to get cruel you could put a bowl of candy on your front porch and when the kids went to open it simply have a not provided sign inside it.

not provided


Link Juice

Everyones favorite faux marketing beverage, link juice. If you wanted to get creative you could dress up as some sort of webpage, preferably a more established one and go around your party handing out link juice to anyone who deserves it. If you find yourself hosting a party this year what better way to get creative with the beverages than creating your own link juice concoction. If you go this route just be sure to create a highly authoritative beverage.

link juice


Over Entitled Blogger

Any SEO is sure to have encountered a couple of these. While trying to curate a relationship with a web blogger you sometimes may find yourself up against ridiculous demands. The way things are going now in a couple years a good backlink is going to cost you no less than your first born child.  Walk around handing out your media kit, and let everyone know you’re only pursuing sponsored halloween candy.



No Follow Link

Ahhhh the dreaded no follow link, the bane of every SEO. You could have a lot of fun with this one. The first thing you should find/make is a giant no-follow sign. If you can, find yourself some sort of link/chain and attach the sign to the end of it. As the night goes on be sure to play the part, allow everyone at the bar to buy you drinks and never reciprocate the favor.

no follow


Webmaster Guidelines

They say you can’t fight city hall, well you also can’t fight Google. If you want to rank your site you are going to have to do it their way. Google’s webmaster guidelines present their rules and regulations for getting a site better visibility on their results pages. This year when trick or treaters come to your house hand them your design, technical and quality guidelines for achieving a candybar. After they have read them make sure they realize you reserve the right to take manual action against them and lower them from a full size candy bar to a box of raisins at any point in time.




A symbol that represents so much more than it did ten years ago. When Twitter was created they introduced the idea of the hashtag so users could track trends that other people were talking about. This year dress as a hashtag and be whatever you want. The best part is you can stand next to any other costume and say you two came as a pair.

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