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Baby on Board at Terakeet

Inside Terakeet June 6, 2013

It seems that here at Terakeet we are always celebrating.  At any given time, you may hear random clapping, the sound of a very loud bell, multiple high fives being had and the occasional chest bump (that’s extreme).

This was no different when I announced that I was pregnant.  Hugs were shared, I received numerous high fives and spirits were high as the entire crew embraced my step into motherhood.  It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to bring my little one into the Terakeet family.

I then started thinking about the future and thought of a few possible predictions about bringing my baby into a modern marketing world; the world of earned visibility



My Baby Predictions

5.  My child will know what a SERP is before your child.

Anyone within the SEO world understands that SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Page.” We toss it around the office more than the phrase “search engine optimization” itself, so I’m confident my little one will have a good grasp of it’s meaning.


4.  Instead of using summary, my child will use the words “meta description.”

I can see it now.  Writing book reports with meta descriptions to help his/her teacher understand the basic premise of the book.  Genius.

3.  My child will understand that items that he or she wants can be earned, but not bought.


2.  His or Her LinkedIn profile will be properly completed for the best chance at pre-school acceptance. 

Having a strong history of social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles will help our little bug rank well within results.  Is the hospital nursery too soon for social networking?

1. Birthday parties will be more about the user experience, filled with rich content fun activities that other pint-sized partygoers will talk about, share, and eventually vote as the #1 party in the neighborhood.

Forget the clowns and balloons.  Our little one’s friends will experience parties that will bring them back for more.  Birthday parties will be customized so each child receives exactly what they are looking for.  Better cake, personalized door prizes and a better overall user party experience is what they will receive.

As you can see, I’ve got big plans for our little one.  Maybe his (or her) love for digital marketing won’t be as great as mine, but I’ll at least know that I’m bringing a child into an exciting and ever-changing world.

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