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CXTec Partners with Terakeet to Improve Web Presence

Inside Terakeet April 30, 2008

CXtec, a global provider of networking equipment, has chosen to partner with Terakeet for web services. The combined effort aims to improve CXtec’s internet visibility and increase web-based sales. It will leverage Terakeet’s expertise in search engine optimization and website functionality to drive traffic, enhance usability, and improve the overall consumer experience.

CXtec has been selling new and certified pre-owned computer networking devices and voice technology worldwide for 30 years. The company assists its customers in reducing the cost of their networking infrastructure with offerings like a lifetime warranty on CABLExpress cables and equal2new networking hardware. CXtec’s product offering includes voice and data networking and testing equipment, mainframe data center products, computer cables and connectors, wiring systems, and storage components. CXtec also buys back pre-owned networking hardware and voice equipment through its Asset Recovery Program.

Terakeet is a company based on innovation and has created groundbreaking business solutions for today’s leading companies. At the core of Terakeet’s innovative solutions is an expertise in strategic web development, software development, and search engine optimization. Terakeet engineers apply the latest tools and technologies to improve workflow, create efficiencies, launch new products and services, and obtain greater market share for its clients, thereby enabling its clients to grow and profit.

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