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Employee Spotlight: Evan Williams

Inside Terakeet August 29, 2014

“Our wedding is in 3 weeks,” I told him.

“Neat! Where will you go on your honeymoon?” Evan asked.

“A small town in the Adirondacks. Wilmington.”

“Oh, wow. That’s where I grew up.”

So my friendship with Evan Williams began. Over the next week he helped us create an Adirondack honeymoon plan: lakes tucked away in gorgeous valleys, favorite restaurants hidden from the tourist crowd, and instructions for climbing our first 46er. It’s the sort of treatment Evan gives everybody. He and his wife Hilary are like a personable, inspiring tourism agency, always ready to fuel your excitement or strike out on a new adventure. Over the last few years, they have grown their PureADK website with stunning photos, videos and stories from their almost-weekly excursions, as well as a visit to Iceland, a hike across the Alps, and their wedding in Banff, Alberta, where the guests included eagles and an elk. Evan has grand ambitions to grow the site with user-submitted content, to create a tourism hub that harbors a community as lively and outgoing as the happy couple at its masthead.

Evan has yet to hike all 46 of the Adirondack high peaks (he’s climbed 21), mostly because he keeps introducing new hikers to the same half-dozen trails. Evan has a giving heart; he embodies the sort of leadership I admire and Terakeet prizes. He is attentive, listens empathetically, and takes the time to answer anyone’s question. Evan helped spearhead the charge for Terakeet’s local charitable initiative, Cause for the ‘Cuse. As a Brand Strategy Supervisor, he responsibly leads several clients’ teams. If I listed all the ways Evan excels in Terakeet’s core values, he’d treat you to a humble, handsome smile, the sort of rugged grin worn by the best men from the North Country. I am proud to be working with Evan, and you can see his intrepid spirit pass on to the rest of the team.

Q&A with Evan:

In what ways has working at Terakeet filled your need for adventure?

The culture was a major selling point for me with Terakeet. I have a passion for learning new things and experiencing new places. It just so happens that this company is full of passionate young people who are driven to succeed and live a fulfilled lifestyle.

Tell us about someone who has shaped your view of leadership.

After taking part in a leadership course by Ahern, Murphy & Associates, I’d have to credit those guys, Tim & Bart, with shaping my view of leadership. Each session with them was a beneficial learning experience and definitely provided me with motivation to start my Monday mornings!

Do you need to change your truck’s oil? My driveway is free if you need it again.

I’m actually due for a change in about 400 miles. Maybe we could set up a time for a change and maybe a game of bocce to follow.

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