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SCSD Students Shine in Job Shadowing Opportunity

Inside Terakeet June 7, 2013

Last week, Terakeet partnered with the Future 40 Belowers Program to give high school students from the Syracuse City School District a pre-professional job shadowing experience. The reviews of our first time hosting job shadowers were unanimous across the entire company: HUGE success!

The idea to participate in such a program was sparked from discussions in our weekly Terakeet Community Engagement Team meetings, where we discuss ways to build our local community presence and give back to various groups. Personally, I was a member of peer mentoring and job shadowing programs both in college and through my National Honors Society in high school; as a result, I’ve learned what goes into these activities and, undoubtedly the best part, what you can get out of it.

Two students visited our office last Thursday so they could spend a day in the life of a Terakeet-er as well as get a head start in their professional pursuit. We covered a variety of topics with the students including our company history, the ins and outs of what we do at Terakeet, and general advice for entering college and the working world. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without some pizza and a friendly foosball competition.

I knew that an environment like Terakeet would be ideal for students to be exposed to. Being a company with so many young employees––and with some of our team members having attended Syracuse City Schools themselves––we all recognized the opportunity to make an impact, no matter how small. One of the events we had during the day was a group discussion about each of our personal experiences in college. What we thought would be an eye-opening experience for the students ended up being an inspiring one for all of us. It was encouraging to see teenagers so proactive about their futures and how we could serve as an example. One student said, “Everyone here is so young…I want a job like this.” We asked another student what type of environment she sees herself working in one day, and she responded, “One just like this!” Being able to motivate these thoughts in a student’s mind is incredible, and we hope this can carry over and continue in today’s youth.


Being a local company founded by Syracuse-natives, we at Terakeet strive to stay connected to our roots and help build up the next generation in any way we can. We are both happy and honored to have met such wonderful kids! Job shadowing is just one example of an effort in our grand plan to make a difference in the ‘Cuse community, so stay tuned!

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