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Sent from Loman’s iPad

Inside Terakeet January 30, 2013

They laughed and snickered.  Some even began to reply to emails with the witty signature of…

Sent from Loman’s iPad

…As my tablet took command over my life.

Now I laugh as Alexandra Samuel calls out these archaic time wasters who have the nerve to show up to meetings with paper and pen!  I particularly found it amusing as she called out the “romantic types who say that the visceral process of putting pen on paper liberates your creativity and engages lateral thinking.”

Gee, that kind of reminds me of a certain someone @AngelaTrapasso ….
In all seriousness, taking effective notes for future reference or identifying actionable items that result from productive meetings is no easy feat!  I remember my early days at Terakeet scribbling notes on notebook after notebook only to inevitably run into situations where a critical tidbit contained in my battered archive of notebooks evaded capture.  Unfortunately, St. Anthony wasn’t available to come to the rescue so I had to make a change.

At Terakeet, we put a great deal of focus into being able to adapt and find new ways to stand out.  Invention is one of our core values, but in all likelihood, we’re not going to be developing a prototype of NASA’s next spacecraft.  Invention starts with the little things.  Our team doubled in size during 2012.  With that growth, managing dozens of meetings, flooding inboxes, and hundreds of calendar items posed a serious problem.  So we instituted company-wide use of Podio – It really does make work easier!  Using my iPad is my way of working more efficiently.  And until the day comes when I’m able to kick back and truly demonstrate “Zero Tasking,” my iPad and I will continue on our journey of affecting change…

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