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Terabucks vs. Starbucks: Which Coffee “Shop” is Better?

Inside Terakeet January 25, 2013

Here at Terakeet we have lots of cool things in the office. A modernized space which includes “secret” meeting rooms, soundproof telephone booth areas, and an open floor-plan to allow for employee bonding and creative idea-sharing, are just a few things that Terakeet has built to try and make the space more creative, fun, and enticing for employees.

But another part of the office that doesn’t revolve solely around the work we do here is still a big part of what makes this office so unique: we have our own café. Okay, maybe not a full-service café with a barista waiting behind the counter to take our order and make us signature drinks with special instructions encrypted on the side of the cup. But we do alright for ourselves. But, which is better – the Starbucks right down the street? Or our very own “Terabucks?”



  • In the same building where we work
  • No waiting in long lines due to other coffee customers
  • Has enough space for all employees
  • Can brew Starbucks coffee
  • Cheaper
  • Can eat any kind of food along with our coffee
  • “Green” – we reuse the same coffee cups all the time


  • We have to brew our own coffee
  • No barista to write fun messages on our cups
  • Cannot make all the same signature drinks
  • In the same building where we work – nice to “get some fresh air”
  • Takes time to clean up after



  • The “experts” make the coffee for us
  • Baristas write fun messages on the sides of our cups
  • Large variety of drinks to pick from
  • Down the street from the office – we can get some fresh air and a break from work
  • Don’t have to clean coffee machine


  • We have to walk there in the snow and rain
  • Have to wait in line
  • Expensive
  • Only have certain pastries and breakfast items
  • Not very “green” – don’t always reuse coffee cups

So… Terabucks vs, Starbucks – which is better? They each have their pros and cons and I would have to say it’s really to each person their own. There is a mix here in the office – some people are loyal Starbucks people, some are up for it every so often, and there are those that I never see with a white and green cup in their hand. No matter which place is chosen, I must say it is nice to have such a great café only 10 feet away from my desk !

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