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Terakeet Corporation and Wellness by Choice

Inside Terakeet April 20, 2005

Today Wellness by Choice and Terakeet Corporation announced a monumental technology partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Terakeet will be the exclusive speech provider for Wellness by Choice. Wellness by Choice plans to offer a phone-speech interface whereby customers can speak their medical history into the phone using natural language speech recognition. This custom service will include individual assessments, personalized programming, tracking, general content and self care tools.

Syracuse based Terakeet Corporation provides speech recognition solutions to fortune 500 companies and medium size companies alike. Terakeet was approached by WBC due to their extensive experience in designing unique speech interfaces aimed at making the most responsive and natural customer experience. Most recently Terakeet demonstrated this ability in the call center of Syracuse based USA Datanet.

“This technology sets Wellness by Choice apart from every competitor in the market,” says Kyle Blumin, President. “We truly believe that Terakeet is one of the leaders in the US in the type of voice interface design that we require. Wellness by Choice believes that speech can transform our offering and has the potential to transcend to other portions of our business as well as the health industry. We’re excited to offer this to our clients and allow everyone, no matter their income, disabilities, or lifestyle, to utilize our products and services through a phone or web interface.”

Says, Terakeet CEO Mac Cummings, “For some time, Terakeet has been looking for a strong partner in the health services industry. In evaluating the companies currently offering wellness services, we couldn’t find a faster growing company with a better offering than Wellness by Choice. With their Health Management System, The PHD Network, Wellness by Choice already has differentiated their offering from the rest. We believe Terakeet will only further define the difference between Wellness by Choice and the other wellness service providers in the marketplace. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with this group and we look forward to offering this to Wellness by Choice’s customers.

Wellness by Choice is proud to partner with Terakeet. Wellness by Choice is located in Syracuse, NY. Its wellness content, The PHD Network, is created in partnership with Duke University Center for Healthy Living. Their various programs help individuals achieve personal health goals while focusing on prevention rather than “sick care”.

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