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Employee Spotlight: Chef Jess D’Eredita

Inside Terakeet July 28, 2014


Some go to the gym to relieve stress. For Terakeet team member Jess D’Eredita, it’s cooking that does the trick. “Ever since I was a little kid, my family has been telling me I’m going to end up doing something with food and calling me a ‘foodie,’” he says. When asked to describe himself as a cook, he notes that he is “quirky and whimsical.” Jess’s simple–yet resourceful–style frees him to express his creativity in the kitchen, producing exceptional, imaginative dishes.

Cherry BBQ BLTEntirely self-taught, his inspiration comes from memories shared with his grandfather. An effort to embrace the family traditions he grew up with has also influenced his love for cooking. Recreating a dish that has been served within his family for generations evokes those family moments.

Whether it’s in the kitchen or at Terakeet, Jess has the freedom to express his creativity every day. As a result of his creative passion, his dishes add up to more than just a meal. They’re a reflection of his appetite to learn and his desire to innovate—traits he’s developed as a member of the Terakeet team. The strategies and skills he’s honed at the office have inspired him to build his own brand and become more active in the local food community.

According to Jess:

Growing up in a large Italian family, food was always abundant all around me and the happiness and joy of being with family became synonymous with food.  As I would watch my grandfather cook and then bask in the merriment of the family as he sat at the head of the table, I knew someday I wanted that, to bring joy to people via food. Starting in 1993 when the Food Network launched, I would be stuck to that TV like glaze to a donut.

Food is a very versatile medium, allowing for great expression and creativity at the hands of its maker. At Terakeet, we find ourselves constantly strategizing how we can benefit our client. Constantly brainstorming and thinking outside the norm to develop tactics.  When you craft one that works there is no better feeling, much like crafting that perfect dish to please even the pickiest of palates.Since then my life has been all about cooking, eating and enjoying food.

**Employee Spotlight is a series highlighting the diverse interests and unique achievements of the Terakeet team. Tune in each month to meet someone new.

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