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Terakeet Holds its First Annual “Terakon”

Inside Terakeet October 24, 2013

Last Friday, Terakeet conducted its first internal conference aimed at developing employees’ knowledge of the wide-ranging and extensive aspects of Internet marketing and SEO.


With the industry constantly and rapidly changing, the importance of educating all of those at Terakeet in the various specialized areas of the business cannot be overstated. The continued development and education fosters the ability to stay abreast of key developments and changes within the industry, as well as reinforcing elementary principles. It also enables all of us to better understand the landscape and provides us with a clearer picture of how exactly we can better service our clients and separate them from the competition.


Terakon consisted of multiple sessions throughout the morning, some of which included topics such as on-page optimization, competitive analysis and keyword research, content marketing strategy creation and application, and the facetiously titled, “we’re just linkers.”


  • Intro to On-Page Optimization – This session covered basics of what we consider as being the important on-page ranking factors. It also explored some of the evolution of how Google has historically ranked sites in the past based on their on-page elements and what factors to consider for the future.


  • Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research – This session was all about defining the competition.  Using keyword analysis and some good old Google searching to find the competition and proceed to analyze the landscape.  What is our competition up to? Are they doing something we’re not? Is it working?  It’s like scouting a sports team. But instead of watching game film, we use tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, and Ahref’s, to figure out how to get the right information and use it to our advantage to not only level the playing field, but leave these brands in our dust.


  • Intro to Content Marketing – The exploration into the basics of content marketing and why it helps establish brand value.  We learned great techniques for brainstorming, how to formulate an idea and how to craft an effective strategy around it.


  • “We’re Just Linkers” – Content marketing may be the strategy of the moment but there are plenty other valuable link building strategies that we can hit the ground running with on behalf of the brands we work with.  In this session, we discussed a few of these strategies and the best practices to employ them.


  • Practical Analytics Application – Basic SEO application of Google Analytics and how it’s used to measure success for Terakeet’s client base.  We learned how to use analytics to identify opportunities and support strategies for our clients.


  • Practical On-Page Application – In this session we discussed different elements of the SEO audit process, successful, real-life application of on-page strategies, and diagnosis of ranking or traffic anomalies as they relate to on-page SEO elements. We then dug into on-page SEO in a post-Panda/Penguin world, determining how algorithms might affect our sites.


  • Content Marketing Strategy Creation – A look into the process of bringing brand identity into a marketing content strategy


  • Practical Content Marketing Application – Here, we examined some effectively executed content marketing strategies in action.


  • Content Marketing Leadership A – A session about coming up with concepts, productive brainstorming, and the beginnings of project creation. We discussed tips and tricks on the beginning stages of turning those preliminary ideas into a plan.


  • Advanced Analytics Tracking and Opportunity – Here, we discussed advanced tracking implementation and how to identify areas of opportunity by tracking user engagement.


  • Hardcore On-Page Optimization – In this session we explored On-Page concepts including canonicalization, pagination, URL parameter management and big site optimization.


  • Content Marketing Leadership B – Here we learned how to create reasonable timelines, focus on actionable items, and set the right goals to create a winning project for our clients.  We discussed how to get and stay organized, as well as ways we can improve our current process.


Terakon also included a team-building trivia session, and concluded with a panel discussion featuring questions gathered from the various sessions throughout the day.  It was a fun, constructive and educational learning experience for everyone involved.


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