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The Candidates on the Web

Inside Terakeet April 22, 2008

Mark Weiner of profiles one Mac Cummings, who started a software and consulting company in his Cornell University dorm room in 1998, and who is now running online finance for Hillary Clinton. Cummings, whose company works with mundane clients like beverage distributors and retailers, initially showed up as an unpaid volunteer for the Clinton campaign after Super Tuesday and what was supposed to be a three-day gig turned into a newly created position of “director of online finance” after the campaign had the epiphany that they needed to use the web to raise money. Cummings sounds like Joe Trippi when he says that “There will not be another presidential election that fails to have the Internet as a major part of the strategy,” though he may have been frustrated about the campaign’s approach. “Right or wrong, (the Clinton campaign) made the determination that their base of supporters was not Internet savvy,” Cummings said. “And the data that I’ve seen tends to back up that assessment.” Wow. Note that, in this piece, the campaign seems to view the web entirely as an ATM; those little people otherwise known as the voters don’t seem to figure so much in their thinking. Also, it’s almost impossible to find an in-depth story about the Clinton web operation because the campaign is so tight-lipped (as are Obama and McCain, most of the time), but here the alumni magazine scored a coup.

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