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Hey – We’re Hiring!

Inside Terakeet November 22, 2013

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It’s no question that over the past year Terakeet has gone through various changes; changes that are allowing us to fulfill our goal of becoming the #1 provider of innovative, sustainable, and elegant web strategy solutions. With our office expanding and our employee roster growing, there has never been a better opportunity to begin a fruitful career at Terakeet.



From the first few steps into our offices, the modern technology infused inside a 150 year old building immediately stands out. Not to mention our young, energetic workforce and collaborative workspaces. All of these elements make Terakeet a thriving, young, and ambitious company.  These factors allow for us to separate ourselves from other players in the industry.  But in addition to our innovative office located in the heart of Syracuse’s Armory Square, we strive to recruit genuine and inventive people to help grow our business every day.


In an age where you can’t take leadership and employee retention for granted, it is imperative that Terakeet hires the right people for the job. In order to hire people who will not only succeed, but actually thrive here, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring people in who come from different backgrounds, and have a wide array of life experiences. When new hires arrive at Terakeet, the training process allows them to not only grow their SEO knowledge, but also learn what sets us apart from the thousands of other companies in our field. Our team is made up of people who are structured and focused, but also flexible when it comes to pushing the creative boundaries. Mentors, directors, facilitators, and innovators all help to drive growth within the company. It allows for the movement of different ideas to spread freely across a surface that can create significant goals, strategies, and reach higher standards.




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Culture is made up of many components that come together to create a certain environment. Although we are constantly busy in the workplace, we are heavily involved in outside community events. From attending local SU games in the company sponsored private box, to participating in sports leagues like kickball, dodgeball and soccer, and volunteering our time to the community, Terakeet prides itself on being a family both inside and outside of the office.  It’s this culture that makes Terakeet different from other businesses in the area, and what makes working here so fulfilling. This place is defined by the experience and the innovation it promotes. Working for a company that has more than doubled in size throughout the past year has made at least one thing clear to me: Terakeet is a place where people enjoy working. While this is great for our employees, it’s also great for our clients. We like our jobs, and we like what we do. A happy employee is a productive employee.




The last question that most people have: how will Terakeet continue this growth at such a high rate without stalling? The answer is the sustainable value we bring to our clients, which lies at the heart of our company’s core values. Our ability to innovate, create benchmarks and goals for our future, and efficiently produce for our clients over and over again will allow us to be sustainable in this constantly changing world of SEO. In an industry that is always evolving, a sustainable framework is everything, quality is necessary, culture is a must, and values have to be instituted. Some companies forget to challenge existing standards, but we never do. We always continue to refine our goals for a better future.  We’re excited about our bright future here, and we need your support to continue along our path to success.  If you think you have what it takes to succeed in the crazy, exciting world of SEO at one of the leading companies in the industry, I’ll say it again: we’re hiring!

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