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What the Clinton Campaign Learned from a CNY Web Whiz

Inside Terakeet April 20, 2008

When Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton came from behind to win the New Hampshire primary in January, she thanked voters for helping her “find my own voice.”

So if Clinton defies the odds to win the Democratic presidential nomination, who would she thank for helping her reconnect with voters?

At that point, America might finally hear about Mac Cummings.

Mac who?

His full name is MacLaren Thompson Cummings. He’s a 29-year-old computer whiz kid, a graduate of Manlius Pebble Hill School who started a software and consulting company in his Cornell University dorm room in 1998.

Today, he’s CEO of Terakeet Corp., a growing Syracuse technology company he co-founded with two of his high school classmates. And he’s one of the best kept secrets of the Clinton campaign, the person responsible for helping a 60-year-old former first lady find her digital voice.

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