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A Truly Mad March

Insights March 29, 2013

Terakeet is Hiring


We’re currently in the process of hiring another round of new employees. The process can be crazy at times, a little chaotic, somewhat mad.

I recently had a conversation with a broadcast journalism student about potential opportunities at Terakeet. She aspired to be on TV someday. It made me think about our business model, our culture, and if it would be misleading to encourage her to apply knowing that we don’t air anything on TV.

The more I thought about what we do, the more I assured myself that our web strategy service is applicable to just about every industry, regardless of what an individual aspires to do. By having web strategy experience, you stand to gain a huge competitive edge in any marketplace. Furthermore, the organic search engine optimization (SEO) industry is exploding–making a career in the field not only as equally enticing as many others but also just as rewarding.


We’re Looking For…


Companies spend countless hours sifting through resumes and interviewing potential candidates in order to find the perfect new hire. The organic search industry is still relatively new and we find that most applicants do not have an education or work history in it––making the hiring process a little different.


Dreamers, Pay Attention 


Currently, our company is made up of a hodgepodge mix of individuals with all different backgrounds, most of which knew very little about organic search when they applied. Some of the disciplines include, English & Textual Studies, Media Studies, Public Relations, Public Policy, IT, Business, Marketing, Psychology, Math, Philosophy, MIS, Communications, Sociology and Engineering. We don’t choose from a specific discipline because a valuable candidate can be found amongst many.

Instead, we’ve found that PASSION is a driving force when choosing a candidate. Throughout the interview process, the applicant is inherently asking themselves, “Is this what I really want?” Knowing this, we try to identify if organic search is capable of fueling their individual passions and in turn, helping them reach their ultimate goal. If parallels cannot be drawn between an applicant’s passion and the line of work we’re in, we conclude that the fit might not be the best. The versatility of organic search allows us to draw parallels between the role of an organic web strategist and the aspirations of most individuals. What you stand to learn as an organic search web strategist can likely lend hand to your long-term plan.


Aspiring Astronaut = Good Fit


Broadcasting and marketing are somewhat affiliated by nature. Therefore, drawing parallels between aspiring TV stars and web strategists might not be as difficult as drawing parallels with other disciplines. So, let’s pick something more irrelevant. For instance, how could a physics student aspiring to be an astronaut benefit from work experience as a web strategist?

Most people would probably conclude that organic SEO isn’t valuable to an aspiring astronaut unless Terakeet has a plan to launch a space shuttle with him or her in it. However, I’d argue that a physics student with a passion to become an astronaut could find value and unique gratification, initially, as a web strategist–– performing statistical analysis and engraining the science and technology vertical into their work strategy. They would directly impact the company model, learn more efficient methods of search, earn visibility for a whole new world of relevant data they publish or dig up on the Internet, create invaluable contacts, and make a name for themselves in the industry. If an aspiring astronaut can benefit from organic search, someone with a background in a much more relevant discipline surely can. If leveraged properly, web strategy can bring anyone a step closer to achieving their dream.


Why Choose a Career in Web Strategy?


When choosing a career, most people pursue a job in a field with sustainable opportunity.  If you haven’t noticed by now, the web is all the rage! No, seriously though, the Internet creates all sorts of opportunities and the industry is only getting bigger due to exponential growth in Internet access (network expansion), mobile technology (devices) and the improved efficiency of broadband connections (speed/bandwidth). Did you know that 75% of the US population has access to the Internet and over 2 billion people have Internet access worldwide? Furthermore, there are over 100 million smartphone owners in the US alone that are able to access the web whenever they would like.  Most importantly, the average amount of money companies are spending on digital marketing is growing and many of them outsource the work to experts in the field.  With investments in web infrastructure and digital marketing projected to rise, jobs in the industry are only becoming more secure.


I’m Determined to Plug March Madness So Let’s Reflect on a World Sans Internet


Without the web, events like the NCAA tournament wouldn’t be able to retain audiences that work, attend school, or become otherwise preoccupied with life. For a lot of fans, this poses a serious problem.  This is especially true as a fan’s favorite team moves on to the next round and excitement builds.  I’d like to acknowledge a moment of silence for Montana, California, GTOWN, and Indiana… GO CUSE!. As a collective unit, we can all lament over how we’d feel if we weren’t able to watch games at work?! Scary.


The Web Needs Interpreters


It’s safe to say that the average person doesn’t understand most of the intricacies of the web.  If we poll 100 random people and ask them to describe the pitfalls of the NCAA website, most would probably discuss connectivity frustrations, aesthetic issues, and content woes. In reality, there are hundreds of on and off-page elements that affect a site’s performance. An experienced web strategiest can interpret web data and leverage on and off-page elements to ensure the right information is available, albeit on demand and ahead of the competition.   In essence, a web strategist is the man (or woman!) behind the curtain, interpreting all the technical stuff and making use of it. Wouldn’t you like to be the Wizard of Oz?!


Job Security? Web Expertise is in Demand!



Web strategists speak the many languages of the Internet. They analyze tons of information, identify areas of opportunity, and make strategic decisions that produce high impact gains.  Individuals with experience in web strategy will generally find they have a leg up on the competition in their respective verticals. For example, a broadcast journalist would benefit just from knowing the simple changes they can make to their language that will affect the online authority and performance of the material they publish. In all aspects of life, outperforming your competitors is a guaranteed method for furthering your career.


Should You Apply?


As the number of companies vying for space on the Internet increases, so will the need to hire individuals with web expertise in order to maintain their competitive edge. This means that individuals with organic SEO knowledge will be in high demand. As demand for our service continues to rise, so will our need to retain employees and hire up. Regardless of your aspirations, web strategy experience can help you maximize your potential.  If you aspire to do something great we encourage you to submit an application.


Chat With Me


If you would like me to draw a parallel between what you aspire to do and the role of a web strategist please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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