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An Inside Tip: Place Your Bets on Digital Marketing

Insights September 20, 2013

People have called me cheap from time to time, but I think “frugal” has a better ring to it. Coincidentally, I also like to gamble. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How is it possible for somebody who’s cheap to be an avid gambler?” Isn’t it obvious? I only bet on sure things! Let me put it into perspective for you. If I am betting on heads or tails with a coin that has two sides that are heads, I am going to make you flip it 5 times first to make sure it hits heads before I make a bet. I’ve never been able to grasp how people can put their hard earned money on the line and just hope for the best.

The same holds true with marketing efforts. Businesses are constantly gambling in search of the appropriate form of marketing that will drive in more customers without going broke. Let me give you an inside tip: bet on digital marketing. The state of the art tools, strategies, structure, and employees that are at your disposal are as close to a two-headed coin as you will find in the marketing world.

As consumers continue to migrate to the Internet at a rapid rate, it is important to transition and adapt to the ever-changing online world. By staying ahead of the curve, we have the capability of making your business’ marketing budget into less of a gamble and more of an investment. More traditional forms of marketing are one-and-done. You pay for an advertisement, or pay-per-click and when it is over, the traffic stops. With SEO, it truly is an investment, that can remain permanent. This can be done through two ways:

  • Understanding Your Target Audience – It isn’t just about the message but also about those you are trying to reach. By connecting and influencing target audiences to create discussion around your brand, your search rankings increase and higher brand credibility is established. This is what we like to call Earned Visibility. It is earned because we aren’t the ones doing the talking; but it is the very audiences that you are trying to reach. Your brand is worthy of discussion within a variety of communities and your assets can be used to create organic conversation with those communities in the blogging space. In turn, organic search traffic to your site will increase while generating new customers or business prospects that will lead to greater sales and increased revenue.
  • Understanding Your Message – Just as with any gamble, throwing something at the wall and hoping it will stick just isn’t a sure bet. By having a plan and understanding what you want to accomplish, the outcome will be that much more in your hands. Whether it is for creating hype around a product, advocating for a cause, or rebuilding an online reputation, online marketing is about shaping perceptions and giving bloggers a reason to talk. However, understanding your message isn’t about tricking an audience into thinking a certain way. It is about leveraging the very qualities that make your company great and making your audiences see it for themselves.

With a larger percentage of people than ever before discovering products and services by searching online, it’s important to invest in something that can help you stay on top of the ball and ensure an increased ROI. You’re not going to bet on the Chicago Bulls this year because of how good they USED to be, right? You’re going to bet the team that is the best right now. So why are you investing in marketing techniques that USED to work? Think about it. You should be betting on the sure thing, the two-headed coin: “Earned Visibility.”

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