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Beyond the Rankings: SEO and Real World Visibility

Insights April 17, 2014

In the world of SEO, sustainability is key. As a company, you want to not only gain visibility in Google, but also maintain your standing among the competitive digital landscape. While on-page factors such as site structure, load times, title tags and other technical details are essential to effective SEO, off-page efforts are equally important to increasing a company’s organic search visibility. Those efforts often rely heavily on community outreach.

The primary goal of outreach is to engage an online community and get them excited to talk about a brand. The most common goal of this outreach is the acquisition of links. While these links serve a very important role–as Google’s algorithm relies heavily on backlinks to determine rankings–an effective, targeted outreach approach can lead to valuable exposure outside the digital realm.

Visibility Beyond the Digital World

Our clients have benefited from a variety of collaborations and features that led to tangible results: from gaining a write-up in a fashion or technological magazine, to teaming up with community-based media and news companies, to working together with influential hotel and nightlife groups in order to reach a new customer base. These kinds of opportunities are excellent examples of the ancillary benefits of a good SEO team: a smart, creative digital marketing and SEO group can expand your visibility and extend your brand’s reach beyond your traditional customer base to a more encompassing audience.

Building Connections (Not Just Links)

Building visibility for a client in the digital realm can lead to connections in many different fields. Depending on the industry associated with a client, these connections can vary from small-time bloggers, to magazine editors, to contacts in related industries.

In the highly competitive Fashion industry, for example, many readers use popular magazines to stay up to date with seasonal trends. According to the Association of Magazine Media, 94% of adults under 35 and 96% of adults under 25 read print or digital magazines. As such, leaders in the industry, like Vogue, boast annual sales over 1 million copies, while their digital subscription base continues to climb.

Obtaining a feature in a relevant magazine in your brand’s field is an enormous bonus en route to the goal of increasing overall visibility. Studies show the top twenty-five print magazines reach far more adults and teens than the top twenty-five regularly scheduled primetime TV shows. Like blogs, digital and print magazines can create powerful relationships between a reader and the types of products featured in their articles. Yet, when relying on traditional marketing, many of these placements take a great deal of resources and a big chunk of a marketing budget.

When working with clients in this industry, a good link placement has opened the door for Terakeet’s corporate clients to be featured in prime industry real estate. These unsolicited opportunities lead to considerable exposure at no cost to the brand.

Furthering Relationships

Magazine features, however, are just one of the many different opportunities that can arise as a result of good digital placements. In the entertainment and lifestyle industry, collaboration opportunities have arisen as well. When representatives for a New York-based hotel and nightlife chain discovered an interesting article earned through our outreach efforts, they were eager to connect further with this brand.

In the end, this digital collaboration served not only as a great backlink, but an opportunity for the client to gain a notable brand advocate. This partnership presented the opportunity for our client to access an entirely new customer base, one that could have been overlooked had they not engaged in community outreach.

But How Can a Company Actually Achieve These Results?

Reading about the benefits of SEO beyond links is one thing, but what tangible steps can be taken to start gaining these types of promotions and collaborations?

Be Approachable

A company’s social media presence plays a very important role in engaging a target community. A smart, creative and targeted approach to your Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram accounts can really help a company seem more relatable and, therefore, more open to suggestions or ideas. Maintaining a level of interaction with your followers can also lead to different opportunities and possible publicities.

Always be Open to New Ideas

In the ever-changing digital world, a company has to be flexible.  Opportunities may exist outside your brand’s current digital marketing priorities. Try and keep an open mind before passing on a collaboration that comes your way. If the company or group coming to you with these collaboration opportunities really doesn’t seem on target with your brand, then passing on it would make sense. However, it can be beneficial to take a step back and really weigh the possible advantages that could come from a collaboration. Will you gain additional publicity? What types of audiences will be reached? Realize that these opportunities can expand not only your reach in current target markets but also infiltrate other audiences as well with these partnerships. Understanding the value of these ancillary benefits will give your company an advantage not only with Google but with other, less engaged competitors.

Know Your Brand & Work With Others Who Do

Understanding your brand is crucial to effectively handling these opportunities and succeeding with a digital marketing campaign. Likewise, working with consultants who understand your vision is also key. A little research can go a long way when it comes to finding the right Digital Marketing or SEO firm for your business. It’s important that the company you decide to work with really understands your business – from what your brand entails, to who your audience is, to who the main competitors are in your field. These experts should be able to not only move your company in the SERPs but to also identify target audiences you may not have reached.

The quality of outreach messaging, coupled with a company’s approachability goes a long way in making sure your company not only moves up in the Google landscape, but maintains that higher-ranking position. A smart approach to SEO will not only see your company rise in SERPs, it will be designed to open up other crucial opportunities along the way.

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