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Digital Marketing Recap: April 2017

Insights May 11, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap

Welcome to April’s edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. We’re taking a look back on some of the most notable, digital marketing articles from the past month. Each recap dives into key news and insights to help you develop and maintain an effective marketing strategy within the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Influencer Marketing News

Influencer marketing is, often times, a nuanced approach. It’s important to not only properly identify strategic partners (influencers and their audiences), but to effectively research and monitor your approach every step of the way.

Influencers: Proving Their Worth – With an increasing amount of marketers working influencer marketing into their 2017 budgets, it’s no wonder they’re trying to better calculate the ROI of this nuanced approach. The first step is to prioritize engagement over reach and then understand that the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of influencer marketing is about 3 times less expensive than that of social media advertising. In some cases, brands are even seeing upwards of a 600% ROI on their influencer marketing initiatives.

Here’s Why Influencer Marketing is Rising Above – Since measuring the ROI of influencer marketing is completely different than that of traditional marketing, brands and companies have been unsure about the effectiveness of it. One of the main differences that are important to understand is how influencer marketing brings targeted exposure and credibility, both being benefits that other strategies may struggle with. Taking the plunge that over 75% of marketers today are taking will surely curb any uncertainties.

Pepsi’s Major Flop and What We Can Learn – Influencer marketing isn’t just about the reciprocal relationship, it’s about the reciprocal creative process as well. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now, but there’s a lot to learn from Pepsi’s recent ad featuring a certain social media maven in a certain type of public demonstration. Here are a few words to the wise: brands and influencers need to properly vet one another before working together, know your audience and how the influencer fits in, and test your approach before investing in a full campaign.

Digital Marketing News

Part of being an effective marketer is having the ability to anticipate, adapt, and react to the ever-changing marketing landscape. This past month, we learned the importance of recognizing the grand scope of our work and how planning for new and emerging technology can leave us better equipped.

Take A Look At the Bigger Picture – As marketers, it’s extremely easy to spend copious amounts of time digging into and researching the various stages of our purchasing funnel. There’s always something to better understand or optimize. This all sounds great, but time is always working against us. If we’re not innovating and better serving the demand, then someone else will. If your head is down, you’re simply missing out on everything happening around you.

Preparing for Deep Learning – Artificial Intelligence is beginning to take over. Relax! Not in the sense that killer robots are taking over the world, more so in the sense that there’s a heightened level of automation and readily available information in our day-to-day lives. Of course, AI has brought about immense changes in the fields of science and technology, but it’s now beginning to impact marketing as well. This advancement could not only help marketers pitch the right message, but it could begin to impact the way brands interact with consumers as well.

Search Engine News

Google is well-known for being unpredictable and making adjustments somewhat with a veil of secrecy. However, there’s no question that Google is making widespread, aggressive adjustments to its search experience after recent backlash. We see new features to combat misinformation, and another unlikely search competitor coming into the fold.

Google Attempts to Regain its Reputation – Google has always been a search engine behemoth; constantly innovating and being the industry standard for search and user experience. However, recently the company has been under fire for its incorrect or even sometimes dangerous search results. All stemming from its first flub with the “final” 2016 election counts, Google has been actively combating the “fake news” and misinformation plaguing its search results. From fact-checking efforts to major algorithm changes, at least we know one of the largest tech companies in the world has our backs.

Digital Ad Seller Creates Digital Ad Blocker – Yes, you read that right. Aside from Google working on bettering its search results, Google is also reportedly working on an ad blocking feature for its Chrome web browser. Rather than cannibalizing one of its own revenue streams, this is simply a way for Google to have more control over ad blocking. The idea is that the company will begin penalizing offending sites in order to provide a more positive user experience.

Is the Internet Big Enough for the Both of Them? – A recent study is reporting that Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri is a close second to Google in terms of users’ mobile “search engine” of choice. Siri beating out other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! is quite significant actually. This could actually be the beginning of voice and virtual assistant technology disrupting the traditional search experience.

Social Media News

If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, social media is an incredibly powerful tool in this age of digital marketing. Having your ear to the ground and staying in the know of which platforms are packing the biggest punch are two great steps to take in order to develop a competitive advantage.

Shhh! Listen up – Awareness and engagement are two things that a marketer can’t take for granted when it comes to utilizing social media. It’s absolutely crucial to now only understand what your audiences are saying about your brand or product, but it’s equally important to foster interaction. Social listening is an integral piece of research and strategy and can help you with everything from product or service improvement, to recruiting and competitive analysis.

Facebook Advertiser Numbers Reach an All New High – For the past year, Facebook has been averaging approximately a million new advertisers every six months. The platform now boasts over five million total with over 75% of them being outside of the U.S. This year over year growth only speaks to the power and engagement of its user base.

The Instagram Powerhouse – Influencers everywhere have their favorite websites and social media platforms to congregate, connect with each other, and work with brands. Not surprisingly at all given its incredible growth over the last few years, over 99% of influencers agree that Instagram is the place to be. The market of Instagram influencers is currently a $1 billion industry and is expected to double in less than two years. With influencers continuing to flock to the platform and publish content, this resource doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Quote of the Month

“Steve Jobs expressed ‘innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Our company was built on innovation; it’s in our DNA. How is your brand revolutionizing online?”

– Anthony Demario, Senior Sales Development Representative

Read more about Anthony in his Employee Spotlight!

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