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Digital Marketing Recap: August 2017

Insights September 6, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
August 2017

Welcome to August’s edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. Moving forward, we’ll continue to touch on various impactful articles from the areas of Enterprise SEO, highlighting key pieces of news from the industry. Not only do our monthly recaps deliver actionable insights, but they also allow marketers to maintain effective and impactful strategies within a dynamic and ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

SEO and Content

Brand visibility is the cornerstone of many online marketing strategies in today’s digital world. Even though no two strategies are identical and there is more than one way to get additional eyes on your brand, there’s no doubt that SEO and creating engaging content should be in every marketer’s toolbelt.

Convincing Skeptics: The Real Value of SEO – Search engine optimization, for those who are unfamiliar, can be a hard strategy to wrap their head around. Of course, more brand visibility sounds great, but why allocate a budget toward SEO over another revenue driver? And, with Google always changing, how do we even go about it? You know the value of SEO, but if you’re in need of some help convincing others in your company, or even a potential client, this is your guide.

Renew, Refresh, and Recycle – As marketers, we know that content is king. So much work goes into creating qualified and engaging content, that it doesn’t do it justice to have a great piece of work simply be a flash in the pan. Even though some marketers speculate that resharing content doesn’t provide any additional value, there actually are a few SEO benefits that come from resharing responsibly.

Shedding Some Light on Co-Branding – In the event that you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, there was a solar eclipse that spanned the entire continental United States. Even though this one is unique because it was the first in 40 years, we’ve also seen that it presented ample branding opportunities for companies.

Influencer Marketing

Being able to reach your audience effectively is incredibly important. What good is a solid message if no one’s hearing it? Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to find and engage with potential customers on their level, and we’re even seeing a shift away from the typical type of brand spokesperson.

Influencer Marketing and Reaching the Unreachable – Consumers, especially the vast group of millennials, are getting smarter when it comes to traditional advertising. Ad-blockers are becoming commonplace and people are opting for more trustworthy and authentic sources when it comes to gathering information or receiving recommendations. To build awareness around your brand and gain influence online, well, that’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Celebrities No Longer the Go-To For Advertisers – Obvious statement alert: marketing is, and always will be, ever-changing. The one consistency is inconsistency when it comes to this dynamic industry. Recently though, social media has ignited a shift away from widespread celebrity spokespersons and put more power into influencers. Brands are picking up on the fact that influencers instead of celebrities are often more authentic and relatable to their audiences.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

Aside from effectively managing outbound strategies like outreach and content creation, being able to analyze and understand metrics a little closer to home is important as well. Knowing your immediate competitors inside and out is just as important as knowing how to interpret your own site metrics.

Keep Your Marketing Head on a Swivel – One way to maintain and foster a sustainable, competitive advantage over your direct search competition is to have a firm grasp on their backlink profile and backlinking strategies. Analyzing your competitors this way ensures you can stay on top of their activity and also try to find new opportunities of your own.

Is Your High Bounce Rate Bad? – Analyzing user engagement on your site is incredibly important in terms of understanding content performance, site structure, and conversion among other metrics. One way to get a grasp on your user engagement numbers is to take a look at your site’s bounce rate. Whether it’s lower or higher than expected, here’s a good place to start if you wish to optimize your user experience.

Brand Reputation Management

Taking into consideration the reputation component of a brand’s digital marketing strategy, it can be a scary realization that not everything is in your control. Reputations are incredibly powerful, both positively and negatively, and every marketer needs to know how to maintain it (as best they can).

Your Reputation Can Reach Far and Wide – Reputation means to influence, and your reputation doesn’t leave you. An exercise in perception and how reputation can proliferate across different mediums, this article shows how a bad reputation isn’t only destructive online.

How to Establish and Promote Trust Online – Reviews have an immense impact on the status of a company’s online reputation. These word of mouth repositories, often built into a company’s site or hosted on a third-party platform, have the potential to be make-or-break opportunities for marketers. Afterall, almost 90% of consumers say they trust a positive online review as much as a personal recommendation.

Social Media

Content has been, is, and probably will be king for quite some time. Social media platforms are where content has the potential to immediately fall flat or spread at alarming rates. This often depends on how engaging the content is and what type of emphasis the given platform puts on absorbing and sharing content.

Helpful Tools to Create Eye-Catching Content – Some of the posts that performs best on social media are those pieces of content that grab a user’s attention. Today, social media is an incredibly noisy place. In order to stand out from the crowd, here are some of the top tools to take your content to the next level.

Google Taking a Page Out of Snapchat’s Playbook – Social media platforms are great ways to discover and engage with content, and Snapchat is no different. The photo-sharing app has become so good at allowing users to explore new content that it caught the eye of the search engine giant Google. In an effort to further solidify itself as everyone’s go-to source for seeking information, Google plans to roll out a new search feature similar to Snapchat Discover.

Quote of the Month

“Take the time to get to know your influencers. Read the content they typically share and see what kind of interests they have. If their views align with your efforts and you’re able to build that connection, your brand’s story will be told in a more authentic way.”

Ashley Spuches, Brand Strategist

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