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Digital Marketing Recap: July 2017

Insights August 9, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
July 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. For July, we have some new sections for our readers, featuring some of the most impactful articles in the area of Enterprise Search Engine Optimization. We’ll be touching on topics such as SEO, Content, Influencer Marketing, Analytics, Brand Reputation, and Social Media. As always, our monthly recap delivers key insights that help marketers maintain an effective strategy within the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

SEO and Content

SEO has been, and most likely will continue to be for quite some time, a wild beast that isn’t easily tamed. Like most aspects of digital marketing, the only constant is inconsistency. The best things we can do are to stay agile, pay attention to what works, and recognize where our efforts are most impactful.

Could This Be a New Ranking Factor? – No one truly knows the ins and outs of Google’s ranking factors. Everything we “know” to be true is essentially the industry’s best guess. However, a new and interesting concept is this idea of Searcher Task Accomplishment. Whether we want to call it a pseudo-ranking factor or not, it really shines a light on exactly what Google is trying to do through its core offering: provide information that answers a question.

Foolproof SEO Strategies to Live By, Generally Speaking – That highly-sought after rank within the top ten. The page one of Google that only the best of the best rise to achieve. Even though there are never any guarantees (and these aren’t either), these SEO strategies are pretty safe bets if you hope to accomplish ranking greatness. Just remember, it’s a long-term approach. These are not for those looking for quick and dirty wins.

Bump Up Your ROI by Optimizing Your Content – Insightful and engaging content is only as strong as its audience. Even the best content will fail to perform if it’s completely off the radar. There are multiple ways to optimize your content, but there are specific techniques to optimize it in a way that allows audiences to discovery it, engage with it, and share it easily.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a tricky animal all on its own as well. There are many principles in place to guide effective strategies with influencers, but sometimes it’s best to take a step back and get some advice from the source. It’s also good to note that effective influencer marketing strategies aren’t just for those with large budgets.

Straight from the Influencer’s Mouth – Choosing the right influencers to work with – the ones who will allow you to effectively reach your target audience – is integral to a successful influencer marketing strategy. Take it from an influencer herself, there are right and wrong ways to go about measuring up the best influencer for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just for the Big Fish – Several of the world’s top brands are working influencer marketing into their strategy mix. You probably already know that’s it’s been on a continual rise for months and months. However, what about the smaller fish in this big marketing pond? For small business owners concerned with expense, proper and effective influencer marketing initiatives are definitely not out of reach.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

This past month, we saw a lot in terms of making analytics and data-driven decision making easier for the casual user. Not only are the tools at our disposal becoming more intuitive, but they’re truly creating powerful experiences for marketers in their decision-making.

Ask and You Shall Receive – Google Analytics has officially released its “ask a question” functionality where users can use natural language to submit a query and receive data. This makes it much easier for individuals throughout an organization, regardless of their knowledge base, to get insightful pieces of information.

How to Diagnose What’s Really Happening with Your Site – One of the most important parts of using analytics is knowing the cause and effect in terms of behaviors and actions. This level of insight is crucial in order to create a purposeful strategy, understand trends, and diagnose issues. Introducing the Kissmetrics Activity Report.

A Lesson on Data-Driven Content – So many platforms are concerned with collecting data on users, but few go on to use that data to create a better or unique experience for the user. An example from a leading music streaming service shows us the true value of using data to add a touch of personalization that keeps people wanting more.

Brand Reputation Management

Unfortunately, marketers and brands alike aren’t always as in control of the situation as they’d like. Often times, messages and pieces of content are pushed out into the ether without certainty on how audiences will react and engage with them. The key to being prepared for anything is to have a plan and then a backup plan.

How to Combat Bad News Moving at the Speed of Light – We’ve seen time and time again how stories spread at the lightening fast speed of a click, a tweet, and a share. When (not if) a negative story strikes, time is definitely not on your side. It pays to have measures in place so that you can act swiftly and effectively.

Social Media

July made it pretty clear that Instagram is becoming more and more of a leader in terms of social media platforms. Not only is it a host to thousands of engaged and hungry influencers, but it also boasts garnering massive amounts of user screen time.

An Instagram Micro-Influencer Case Study – As influencer marketing continues to gain popularity, micro-influencers are equally becoming more sought after. Especially on social media, the rise of the micro-influencer is a true testament to how this level of influence continually works to provide a deeper level of trust and authenticity with audiences.

The Data Doesn’t Lie – How much time do we really spend consuming information and interacting with friends or loved ones on our phones per day? How much of that time is solely dedicated to social media? You might be surprised at the numbers, but marketers can use this data to better align their efforts with what platforms are under the heaviest usage and when.

Quote of the Month

“Engage your audience by simply providing information they are asking for.”

RJ Licata, Inbound Marketing Coordinator

Read more about RJ in his Employee Spotlight here.

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