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Digital Marketing Recap: November 2017

Insights December 6, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
November 2017

The end of the year is fast-approaching and most marketers are looking for ways to most effectively utilize their budgets in 2018. With the nature of the industry, it’s no easy task to decipher which digital marketing trends are worth further examination. This is exactly where the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap comes into play. In this monthly publication, we dive into the most noteworthy articles from the past month and provide insight in order to help you maintain a constant, effective digital strategy within an ever-changing landscape.

SEO and Content

November has shown a lot of discussion around what’s in store for 2018. Technology is becoming stronger, smarter, more insightful into our day-to-day processes, and marketers are just along for the ride.

Googlers Shed Some Light at Pubcon – Pubcon is an educational conference for digital marketers that happens in multiple cities around the United States. During this year’s conference, the Google Webmasters Relations keynote was led by Googlers Gary Illyes, Nathan Johns, and Eric Kuan. The three answered several questions from curious members of the audience, touching on everything from when to disavow links to what type of collected data impacts rankings.

How Technology Might Change Content in 2018 – The process of creating and distributing content is different for everyone, however, experts have identified trends for 2018 that all marketers should adopt. Not only will technology play a large role, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence poised to make waves, but content generation through influencers is projected to spark even higher rates of engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Targeting audiences in an efficient and relevant way plays a large part in the life and death of influencer marketing campaigns. Brands need to identify the most appropriate vehicle for their message (celebrity endorsement or influencer content) and understand that authenticity is currently king when it comes to mobilizing consumers.

Celebrities and Influencers Go Toe-to-Toe – It’s an age-old question for digital marketers – how do I make my budget as impactful as possible? It’s easy to get caught up in audience numbers and potential visibility, but we can’t lose sight of what really matters: engagement and conversion. Now, more than ever, consumers want authenticity with branded content. Not only do brands need to start thinking like advocates and acting like celebrities, but marketers need to understand that there’s a difference between a large audience and an engaged audience.

How Influencer Marketing is Good For B2C Companies – Considering the highly competitive nature of digital marketing, brands need an equally competitive strategy in order to stay relevant among consumers. This is one of the best methods of reaching a target audience because online influencers are directly tapped into it.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

Small and young companies alike need to find the most relevant data and utilize it in a way that best positions them for growth. Proper monitoring of analytics metrics, coupled with thorough competitive analysis allows companies to drive smart strategy.

Doing More With Less – When resources are limited, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the data and insight that will drive the most value. With over 20 years experience working in SEO, Bobby Lyons weighs in on what analytics metrics we should monitor most in order to spark growth and demonstrate impact across all available marketing channels.

Moz Launches New Feature Within Keyword Explorer – Knowing what search terms your direct competitors are ranking for is the first step in targeting your own keywords and trying to siphon valuable traffic. This new feature is the perfect addition to your SEO toolbelt and allows keyword research to solve several different problems who may be facing.

Brand Reputation Management

Online reputation can change in an instant, so it’s incredibly important to incorporate a reputation management plan that is robust and well-thought out. Doing so provides protection and certain levels of immunity within your online presence.

Why a Reputation Management Plan is Necessary – Even though new companies and brands have large conversion and performance-based goals for the new year, marketing and product development aren’t the only initiatives to focus on. Companies need to focus on product and market-based strategies, as well as branded.

Social Media

The end of the year always sparks rapid and change and development within the industry in preparation for the goals marketing teams set for themselves. November showed us that governmental initiatives will have increasing influence and social media platforms are continually innovating.

FTC Continues Campaign on Social Media Influencer Disclosures – The Federal Trade Commission continues to crack down on influencers who fail to disclose branded or sponsored partnerships and endorsements. The FTC is also suggesting that companies and brands make efforts to know and control what influencers are saying on their behalf, suggesting that they mitigate risks by putting compliance programs in place.

Snap Pixel: Snapchat’s New Conversion-Tracking Tool – With the holidays upon us, Snapchat is throwing a bone to marketers by rolling out ways to track consumers using the platform. The Snap Pixel is a conversion-tracking tool that simply allows marketers to track potential traffic from their Snapchat ads.

Quote of the Month

“Influencer marketing carries a lot of sway in the current marketplace since consumers trust people more than they trust ads. However, what you’re marketing is still critical. The core product has to work well for the audience you’re targeting for those truly authentic connections and endorsements to occur.”

Tristan Amond, Reputation Specialist

Learn more about Tristan through his Employee Spotlight.

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