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Digital Marketing Recap: October 2017

Insights November 8, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
October 2017

With Halloween celebrations last month, the scariest thing for marketers should be outdated or ineffective strategies. Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, let’s be thankful for the multiple publishers sharing helpful and insightful information this past month. As we ramp up for the end of 2017, this edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap brings you the latest and greatest from the Enterprise SEO arena. The following article highlights will help you create and maintain effective strategies within the dynamic digital landscape.

SEO and Content

The month of October represented a significant change for Google users. From monitoring daily and weekly changes to learning how the service is changing for publishers, we’re no stranger to Google keeping us on our toes.

Weathering the Search Storm – It’s growing increasingly difficult to stay on top of the latest changes within Google’s search landscape. To most marketers, this comes as no surprise considering the continual affirmation that adjustments to Google’s algorithms are an everyday occurrence. This article from the folks at SEMrush outlines some of the best tools marketers should be using to monitor Google’s volatility. If you’re still dumbfounded after analyzing available toolsets, keep in mind that Google is said to be emphasizing relevance, quality content, and user experience.

Google’s Philip Schindler: “We come in peace” – Google is further substantiating their footing as one of the most trusted names in the technology industry. After announcing the end of First Click Free, Google executives flexed their integrity muscles and held an event to address publishers face-to-face, recognizing difficulties for publishers and discussing the company’s future efforts regarding subscription programs.

Influencer Marketing

Over the last few years, consumers have continually become more aware of targeted advertisements and promotional strategies from brands. Targeting the right audiences is only half the battle, as reaching out to them in efficient and effective ways cannot be emphasized enough.

Building an Advantage One Audience at a Time – With the ever-changing and increasingly competitive state of digital marketing, it’s quite easy for your message to become nothing more than additional noise consumers face and a daily basis. If you’re looking to create a sustainable, competitive advantage for your brand, you need to be engaging qualified audiences.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, finding the appropriate balance between proper analysis and execution can be difficult. However, to completely ignore the benefits of each individually is to miss out on an integral piece of the success equation.

27% of SEOs Haven’t Done What?! – One of the first steps in formulating and analyzing the strength of an SEO strategy is to perform a backlink audit on your website and those of your competitors. Failing to assess your own links and your competitor’s links is like trying to drive a car with a blindfold on. Rip that thing off and get to work – you’ll be thankful.

The Power of Finding Your Story in Data – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are what digital marketers often use as goal or value metrics within their strategies. Tracking everything under the sun might simply be your way of being extra thorough, but it actually causes your methodology to be foggy. While there’s no agreed upon rubric for which KPIs are most important, it’s important to know what matters most to you or your client. Sometimes less is more.

Brand Reputation Management

Controlling your reputation doesn’t only have to take place after an incident. Putting the right measures in place beforehand strengthen your branding online and can alleviate the stress of reacting to any negative search results popping up.

Building Immunity Online – In an age where word of mouth can spread at the speed of a text message or the click of a mouse, controlling brand sentiment is of utmost importance for marketers. Aside from typical reactive measures, it’s worth mentioning that protecting your online reputation through proactive measures is crucial as well. Building up reputational immunity online is a valuable asset and this article outlines a few ways to get you there.

Social Media

With increasing competition in the social media realm, the most popular platforms among users are constantly working to create new features or simply keep up with the competition.

In Case You Missed It – Several advancements have been happening in the social media world as of late, from new features and capabilities to platform milestones. If you’re finding it hard to keep up, or simply need a rundown of everything you’ve missed, this article outlines the most notable changes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Quote of the Month

“Influencer marketing is essentially injecting your brand into a qualified target audience. This is a highly effective and organic strategy for building brand awareness in a way that consumers trust most.”

Shannon Spencer, Brand Manager

Learn more about Shannon through her employee spotlight.

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