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Digital Marketing Recap: September 2017

Insights October 19, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
September 2017

Here we are again, bringing you the latest edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. Last month, we outlined a new structure where we would be shifting our focus to cover the most impactful articles within the area of Enterprise SEO. As always, we’re forging ahead with this month’s collection of insights from September. The following articles will allow you to maintain an effective and impactful strategy within the ever-changing digital landscape.

Before we kick it off though, let’s first provide a quick rundown and current assessment of Enterprise SEO within the digital marketing industry. To best understand it, Enterprise SEO covers a wide variety of services that impact organic search rankings; from high-level initiatives like content and campaign development to more granular activities like competitive analysis. Considering the dynamic environment of digital marketing, here’s the current state of Enterprise SEO now that we’re well into the final quarter of 2017.

The following articles will not only reinforce the current state of Enterprise SEO within our industry, but they’ll also give you an idea of where it’s headed.

SEO and Content

Last month, we mentioned a few things that should be in every marketer’s toolbelt. This month is no different as we discuss news pertaining to Google and how having the proper mindset when it comes to content creation is key.

Not All Tools Are Created Equal – Good marketers have a wide variety of powerful tools at their disposal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they come without their limitations. Even though the search engine giant Google is known for its seemingly never-ending capabilities, it is one such tool that can impact SEO efforts through its own set of unique limitations.

Less Content is Sometimes More – The marketing phrase “content is king” is still, well, king. Naturally, as marketers we lean toward robust content that serves multiple purposes, often coming in the shape of long-form content. However, with attention spans at an all-time low and ranking factors being unpredictable (often changing depending on the nature of search query even), there can be an argument made that concise content can be equally impactful.

Reminiscing for Google’s Birthday – Google turned 19 this month and to celebrate search users all over are considering the various ways it has improved and continues to improve our daily lives. With checking the weather, staying updated on the big game, booking cheap hotels, and simply finding your way, it’s more clear now than ever the impact Google has had on technology and society.

Influencer Marketing

As a brand and even individual marketers, it cannot be stressed enough how important meeting your audience is. Connecting with them and providing them value on their own level is often the first mile (albeit a tough one sometimes) down the road to success. From traveling outside our own walls at Terakeet and meeting our audience to searching for niche influencers in niche communities, we’re showing how the journey is worth it.

Thoughts on Sustainability and Growth Using Influencer Marketing – Recently two of our very own Keeters, Vice Presidents of Brand Strategy Angela Brooks and Matthew Raven had the opportunity to present at Influencer Marketing Days in New York City. They discussed the multiple ways effective influencer marketing impacts rankings and sparks increased site traffic, but they also mentioned how to build mutually beneficial relationships online and continually provide value to audiences.

Utilizing Micro-Influencer: Ask Yourself This Question – The benefit of micro-influencers has been discussed before, but it essentially comes down to one, simple question. As a marketer, would you rather spend resources on a trusted outlet that can bring qualified leads into your site that are poised to convert, or would you rather try to cast a wide marketing net and hope that conversions will come? From excited and active Instagram followings to niche audiences online, micro-influencers have been and will continue to pack a big punch.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

Ranging from paid promotions in search to understanding your very own metrics, building an impactful marketing toolbelt seems to be all the rage this month. If you’re looking to tackle the competition in a way that provides you a sustainable competitive advantage, make sure you’re analyzing the appropriate insights.

Staying in the Know with Google Adwords – Powerful marketing tools are only impactful if you’re able to draw actionable insights from the data provided. Considering the current state of the search landscape, it’s important to understand what visibility your competitors are getting and what opportunities are available for you to execute on.

You May Think You Know, But Do You? – Garnering traffic on your site can be a hard-fought pursuit, especially if competition in your space is increasing. However, fighting for and earning more traffic won’t mean anything if you’re not also concentrating increasing conversions as well. There are certain metrics that matter more than others. It’s important to find the ones that show where the value is coming from and where it’s not.

Brand Reputation Management

Acting before with necessary intent or acting later once the you know what hits the fan is often a question posed by brands when it comes to their reputation. There’s definitely a delicate, balanced approach to managing your reputation and the time to start is now.

Owning Your Search Results – When it comes to online visibility, assessing positive opportunities, or reacting to negative threats, understanding the strategy and process needs to come first. Afterall, what good is a shiny new search strategy if you don’t know how to use it? Reputation management isn’t meant to be a set it and forget it strategy either, or one that’s employed in a reactive manner. Being proactive with your search results and knowing how to properly assess are steps one and two.

Social Media

With digital ad spend surpassing that of television for the first time earlier this year, social media has achieved its meteoric rise and hit several milestones along the way. With immense success and new capabilities being rolled out, multiple platforms are positioning themselves for even larger growth to come.

A Year Later, Instagram Has Four-Times the Advertisers – Last September we mentioned that in just a year since opening its doors to advertisers, Instagram had over 500,000 active advertisers on the platform. Well, scratch that. Not only did Instagram double that previous figure in March, but they’ve since doubled again now reaching 2 million monthly advertisers. Of course, some of this success can be attributed to its parent company Facebook, but don’t lose sight of the increasing amount of visual content coming into the fold.

Are We Waving Goodbye to the 140 Character Limit? – Twitter is considering doubling its tweet character limit to 280, currently rolling out the expanded capabilities to a small test group of users. The thought of moving beyond 140 character is to hopefully get people to say and share more and to get them doing so more frequently. Since Twitter’s new user numbers have, at best, plateaued, this might just be the uptick the platform needs.

Quote of the Month

“Working with influencers can shine a spotlight on your brand in ways you never thought possible. Influencers are real people with real audiences making real connections with your brand, often in ways that traditional marketing strategies struggle to compete with.”

Shaun Rouse, Brand Specialist

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