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Digital Marketing Recap: March 2017

Insights April 5, 2017

Digital Marketing Recap
March 2017

Welcome to this month’s edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. We’re going to take a look back at some of the most prominent, newsworthy stories from March. Each month, our recaps deliver key pieces of insight to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy within the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Influencer Marketing News

Crafting impactful marketing strategies is somewhat of an art form. They’re definitely not plug-and-play methodologies, and influencer marketing is no different. Influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, but it’ll only bring the results you desire if you take the right steps.

Authenticity in the Digital Age – One of the main things that make influencer marketing so successful is its ability to uphold authenticity. Consumers are intuitive and can spot a disingenuous placement from miles away. Brands are better off if they take the time to monitor trends and align themselves with influencers that are already talking to their target audience.

Keep Your Eye on Micro-Influencers – In order to cut through all of the noise on social media, brands need to make sure that not only are they targeting influencers, but that these influencers are actually delivering. A primary difference between one influencer and the next is whether or not their content and messages actually resonate with an audience. If brands want their content to stick, they should be targeting micro-influencers and managing them effectively.

Digital Marketing News

Part of being an effective marketer is knowing how to elicit the desired response. Emotional responses are one of the most powerful in that they can drive people away forever, or they can draw them in close and keep them there. Whether it’s a thought-provoking image or story, or even a noble cause to rally behind, emotional responses are often key social drivers in marketing.

Storytelling Through Content – Of course, digital content is booming, but video is currently on top of its game. Brands everywhere are starting to realize that stories are what are most impactful with consumers, and video is one of the best ways to tell a story. Stories foster emotional connections that, in turn, inspire the desired action and create sustainable competitive advantages for brands.

Follow These Incredible Women – In March, we proudly celebrated International Women’s Day by interviewing some of our female directors and vice presidents. All around the world, we’re continuing to see people stand up and #BeBoldForChange. The growing amount of women-owned businesses shows that we’re on the right track, and these fifty women are prime examples of that.

Search Engine News

March was another month where we saw Google making substantial changes to provide a more robust and user-friendly service. It’s continually working hard to provide the most relevant and accurate content as quickly and easily as possible.

Meet Fred – This new algorithm update from Google is aimed at targeting sites with ad-heavy, low-quality content that doesn’t do much if anything to benefit the user.

Google’s Tappable Shortcuts – Access to information should be user-friendly, customizable, and personal. Thankfully, Google has this covered through recent advancements to its search app.

Google Pulling the Plug on Bad Content – Fake news has been quite the hot topic lately. We’ve seen the government’s response, the media’s response, and now we’re starting to see an increasing amount of responses from the world’s leading technology companies. Through some of its new guidelines, and allowing advertisers more control over where their ads are placed, Google is standing up for quality.

Social Media News

Social media platforms are all about bringing people together, right? This month, not only was there an unlikely bond created, but we’re learning more and more about what makes people tick when it comes to their newsfeeds.

Engagement on Social Media – Rightfully so, marketers have had a little trouble deciding on what’s more valuable when it comes to social media; exposure or engagement. Engagement is arguably more powerful and higher numbers are found among micro-influencers on Instagram. After all, what’s the point in spending marketing dollars on content that doesn’t resonate with audiences?

Bi-Partisan Roadtrip – Facebook Live has proven its worth in immediately connecting us with people and events, happening in real time. Many people might’ve been expecting a tense and policy-fueled 1,600-mile journey, but instead, we see the powerful connections that social media can create.

Facebook Rewarding Reactions – We all react to things differently, but Facebook is taking a stance on what reactions it values most. Long gone are the days of the simple “like”. Facebook is now rewarding and giving more visibility to posts with the most reactions.

Snapchat Soars – Snap Inc., the parent company for Snapchat, debuted on the NYSE this month with the biggest tech opening of the last three years. Analysts seem a little skeptical, but if this IPO is any indicator, it seems as though the social platform has a lot left in store for us.

Quote of the Month

“Today’s top brands will leverage tactful storytelling to shape their feel and overall appeal. The branded market is socially driven – we don’t want to buy it with money, we want to buy it with a story.”

– Dylan Hendrix, Brand Specialist

Read more about Dylan in his Employee Spotlight.

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