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Google Announces Changes to Analytics Tool

Insights April 18, 2014

Google has updated its Analytics tool to better track users accessing sites through multiple channels. The changes will be implemented in the coming week.

Webmasters will now be able to view app and web data in the same reporting view; all data for a web property will appear in all reporting views, where previously app and web data was collected and analyzed separately. Filters allow easy isolation of data from different sources.

The update modifies the analytics.js JavaScript web collection library to track data on web apps with more accuracy. It will provide app-specific information, such as screen name, app name, app version, and exception tracking.

The update also alters some of the terminology that Google Analytics employs. Visits are now referred to as Sessions. The metrics Visitors (web) and Active Users (app) have been combined into a single metric, Users.

The changes should simplify data analysis by providing a streamlined, unified view of all traffic to a web property while still allowing more focused analysis of traffic from individual sources.

Properties that don’t collect app data won’t see any changes to their data, but changes in terminology will still apply.

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