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Google Now Allows You to Email Anyone on Google+ Without Knowing Their Address

Insights January 9, 2014

Over the years it has become clear that Google is doing whatever it can to integrate Google+ into the rest of its product offering. Google+ has become important for businesses, news articles (authorship), as well as through YouTube and Blogspot commenting.

Now Google is allowing you to email Google+ users without even knowing their email address. In a new feature currently being rolled out, Gmail and Google+ users can send an email through a new auto-suggest feature to anyone on Google+. When typing a person’s name into an email, Gmail will first show matches from your address book, with Google+ connections appearing underneath. You don’t need to know your connection’s email address to send the message. You will only learn the actual email address if the person or organization emails you back.

If you are like most people and don’t want a flood of emails from strangers, Google+ does allow you to adjust your settings to opt out of the new system. Users can receive emails from anyone on Google+, extended circles, your own circles, or no one.

If you decided you want to receive these emails, messages from people in your circle will be sent to the Primary category within your email inbox. Messages from those outside will be found in the social tab.

When the feature is available to you, Google says you will receive an email with more information. Godspeed, Google+ users.

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