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This Valentines Day, Earn Some Link Love

Insights February 13, 2013

This Valentines Day, not only is it important to pamper your better halves, mothers, siblings and of course, clients, but also to spread a little timely love throughout the ocean of relationship and dating communities that, by and large, consider this holiday one of the biggest.

Whether you’re in the health industry, real estate business or are part of a large technology firm (wink), it’s always nice to talk to your audience about trending events and holidays like Valentines Day. But how would somebody who typically sells homes relate what they do to topics like love and relationships? It’s not possible to for different topics or niche communities to co-mingle? Right?

Wrong. For somebody who’s had to pull water from a dry rock and successfully built a lake, I think it’s easy. But for those that need a little help, here is one example that may help you achieve earned visibility this Valentines Day.

Let’s say that you’re the owner of a hardware company– You don’t have much of an online presence, and the little that you currently do have rarely brings in any business. However, you do have a blog (always a good start), and Valentines Day is fast approaching. Whether or not it’s regularly populated or maintained , you want to use your blog (and Valentines Day) as a channel to promote your products/services effectively. If upkeep isn’t an existing issue, the next steps should are fairly self-explanatory.

1)    Grab one small cup of coffee. Bear in mind, I said one. Drinking more than one cup of coffee has been known to over-stimulate.

2)    Remember what sort of resources and collateral you have at your disposal. This includes fellow co-workers, company documentation or collateral and, of course, the internet. As an SEO, I’ve learned that Google can often times be my greatest friend. (It’s a well-known enemy as well, but I’ll save that topic for later date.)

3)    Identify an audience.

4)    Knowing your audience, use these resources to plant seeds that will flower into unique and valuable Valentines Day content.

1 and 2 are easy, right? Good. let’s jump ahead and identify an audience so we can locate that fertile ground. Among the top consumers of hardware products are young couples looking to expand, repair or modify their homes. (Because this example is hypothetical in nature, and for the sake of time, let’s say that it’s fall season.) Looking at seasonal or quarterly company reports, walking through the store, or simply asking questions, we can find out what consumers are typically interested in buying this time of year. This includes things like:

  • Portable Heaters
  • HVAC
  • Insulation

Pretty obvious, right? Taking a hard look at some the items above that may be generating the most revenue would also assist in the process of knowing which sections of your site you may want to highlight or flow value to. After a stimulating brainstorm with your colleagues, and again, for the sake of hypotheticals, you determine that insulation appears to clearly be raking in profit. Now, you’ve got the knowledge you need to start creatively engineering something that will appeal to couples at mass– If your attention to what I’m saying here has begun somewhat of a slow decay, I apologize. However, here’s where it really starts to pick back up.

Almost every major hardware store’s slogan or motto is centered around home improvement. More specifically, a lot of them also continuously evoke the message of “do it yourself.” This is evident in Home Depot’s unforgettable “More Saving, More Doing,” which is a successor of their previously advertised slogan “You can do it, we can help.” Installing insulation is not an easy or safe task, but it’s certainly one worth pursuing if you’re on a budget. Hence, how about a DIY tutorial on how you and your loved one can collectively install insulation this Valentines Day. Only in this case, you can coin your campaign “Do it Together”– A selfless and combined gift of warmth, no? Heck, you can even pretend the cellulose is a wedding cake and smear it on his or her face. All jokes aside, don’t do that.

Sounds cheesy right? But we must remember the 4 rules of “sticky” content, CCTS:

Sexual (bingo)

This is what sticks. In fact, it often times goes viral. Provided you’re not selling the service, you can’t lose money on this, right? Also, you most certainly won’t find anything else like this out there. I’ve checked.

Your tutorial can then be published on your hardware blog and promoted to couples and other identifiably relatable target audiences. Link value earned for this particular piece of content on your blog can then be used to flow value back to the appropriate landing sections of your site, essentially creating more visibility for your brand insulation in the search engine results.

Needless to say, it takes a little time, thought and ingenuity to develop viable content strategies that will ultimately increase your chances of earned visibility. Valentines day is one of many timely happenings throughout the calendar year that can help boost your chances of doing so. Considering everything that goes into a successful marketing campaign, it may be worth taking a little time to explore an successful SEO company like Terakeet that can do it for you.

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