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Digital Advocacy Solutions

Bring your message directly to those who shape public perception. We spark natural dialogue among your target audience, engage the key voices within it, and earn you mainstream media coverage.

What is Digital Advocacy?

There was once a time when the public’s capacity for expressing their views was limited to the opinion column in a local newspaper. Today, the internet connects people with not only the platform for expressing their opinions, concerns, and feelings, but also an active audience that remains receptive to new ideas. Our Digital Advocacy Solutions help businesses, brands, and individuals shape the conversation among the influencers and audiences who help turn perceptions into common practice and policy.

Our Process

Our Digital Advocacy Solutions are anchored by Chorus, innovative technology that allows us to bridge the gap between you and your audience by identifying, sorting, and tracking thousands of authoritative, credible, and relevant websites at scale. Our expertise lies in identifying online communities where your message will resonate and engage key tastemakers, building relationships that amplify your message.

This earned media approach and its subsequent visibility is a proven, trustworthy method to bring your message to the wider world.

  • We work to earn placements on authoritative websites, spark conversations, debunk myths, and generate positive brand and issue awareness.

  • The conversations we initiate create a unique and sustainable online platform that captures the attention of mainstream media outlets and organically spreads your message.

  • Because of the personal nature of these relationships, we’re able to continuously leverage these networks to engage a critical mass for future communication campaigns.

Featured Case Study // Digital Advocacy Solutions


  • Industry //


  • Challenge //

    Bring the client coalition’s message to a previously unreached market, rallying opposition against harmful legislation backed by wealthy lobbyists with substantial mainstream media support.

  • Result //

    Established client as a trusted resource on issues related to the legislation, both online and in Congressional debates; identified and recruited new advocates, including delivering petition signals and testimonials to members of Congress; executed successful social media campaigns to bring increased visibility to our client's cause.

Victim-Focused Coalition Finds its Niche with Digital Advocacy

Terakeet // July 15, 2014

In 2012, a piece of legislation was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives that threatened the welfare of an already disadvantaged group. This bill was developed and supported by an extremely influential lobbying group and, if passed, would continue to perpetuate a global health epidemic. This issue brought together a coalition of advocates from… Read More »

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