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Online Reputation Management

How you appear in online search results can directly impact you or your business. Maintain or restore your reputation with around the clock monitoring and shaping of your online presence.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management leverages on- and off-page organic search optimization in concert with traditional PR tactics, bringing visibility to the content you want to represent you or your brand while pushing harmful content away from the spotlight. Whether you have no issue, an isolated issue, or an ongoing issue, a proactive approach to managing your reputation can inoculate you from harm and yield dividends down the road.

Our Process

Your reputation is as crucial as ever in today’s digital world, where a single negative search result can dramatically alter public perception of you or your brand. With the help of Chorus, our proprietary software platform, we bring diligence, patience, and above all vigilance to shaping your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management is not an overnight solution for Internet woes. We achieve success by incrementally fortifying the search landscape with preferred content to create sustainable results, freeing you from worry and distraction and allowing you to focus on growing your personal brand or business.

  • We perform an initial content audit and competitive analysis to identify your online strengths, weaknesses, areas of opportunity, and available resources.

  • Our team crafts a systematic, comprehensive, and discreet strategy that aligns with your specific objectives.

  • We take a dynamic approach to strategy that enables us to quickly adapt to a changing online environment, responding to threats and opportunities as they appear in real time. We stay in frequent communication with clients, and you can be involved in our process as much or as little as you prefer.

Featured Case Study // Online Reputation Management


  • Industry //


  • Challenge //

    The client, an executive at a multibillion dollar firm, had suffered substantial damage to his reputation as a result of a false report published by a major news agency. The majority of content appearing in the top 20 search results for the client's name was negative.

  • Result //

    The top 10 search results for the client's name were cleared of all negative content in the first twelve months and have remained that way. Branded search results for the client's company have improved substantially as a byproduct of our main efforts.

Digital Footprint Reveals Top Executive’s True Colors

Joseph Torrillo // February 14, 2014

This is a case study of a reputation management campaign that provided justice for one executive that was wrongfully attacked by the media.  It is a prime example of how the power of the Internet can be recklessly abused, and it provides an excellent defense for the practice of online reputation management (ORM) – restoring… Read More »

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