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Organic Brand Visibility

Visibility and engagement drive success. We connect you with the influencers your customers listen to, expanding your brand’s digital footprint and lifting you above the competition.

What is Brand Visibility?

We provide a range of organic brand visibility solutions rooted in both your immediate goals and the broader opportunities that may exist in your industry. Leveraging our proprietary outreach platform, Chorus, we discover those relationships that you could–and should–be making with influencers across the web. Once identified, we engage with those influencers in a variety of ways, including retail product launches, content marketing, community engagement campaigns, and much more.

Our Process

Behind blogs and other websites are actual people with diverse interests. Our success lies in our platform’s ability to discover the online conversations that matter to your customers.

In concert with your website and marketing content, the artifacts of the meaningful and lasting relationships we build on your brand’s behalf leave a digital footprint that drives real-world business success.

  • We identify the online communities whose passions support your brand’s identity, and connect with those communities on a human level.

  • Armed with a deep understanding of what makes your brand unique and compelling, as well as how it will resonate with the target community, we design and execute goal-driven outreach tactics that initiate organic, grassroots conversations around your brand.

  • These conversations increase brand awareness and engagement, yield visibility in organic search, capture qualified referral traffic, and develop an army of loyal brand advocates.

Featured Case Study // Organic Brand Visibility


  • Industry //


  • Challenge //

    Accelerate online growth for a young, disruptive brand competing in a traditional marketplace.

  • Result //

    Created a unique, personalized engagement marketing strategy that led to natural placements on influencer websites, far-reaching social media visibility and major growth in keyword ranking positioning, traffic, and customer conversions.

Terakeet Helps Disruptive Brand Expand Reach Past Industry Titans

Zack Davis // March 20, 2015

In early 2013, Terakeet partnered with an up-and-coming online retail brand competing in a traditional, competitive marketplace. The client had a strong brand foundation, as well as a core group of products and a business model that were well-received by niche communities, but lacked visibility and brand recognition with the greater public. Read More »

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