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Insights // October 29, 2015
Jonas Sickler

Why Brands Should Focus on Fans, Not Followers

The Social Colosseum When new brands first enter the social media arena, they can quickly feel the pressure to stockpile as many followers as possible. With juggernauts like Coca Cola boasting 90 million Facebook followers, and McDonalds and Red Bull each drawing well over 45 million followers, it’s easy to see why emerging brands think… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // October 28, 2015
Jacqueline Samoraj

Employee Spotlight: Christine Stoddard

Christine “Stodds” Stoddard is probably best known for the energy she brings to every situation. As her roommate, colleague and friend, I have the honor of being around her, well, 24/7. Whether we are talking about last night’s episode of Gotham or our dinner plans, her enthusiasm for anything and everything is contagious. Christine is… Read More »

Insights // October 20, 2015
Curtis Weyant

3 Ways to Improve Site Security, Usability & Searchability

When designing a website, there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Some of the most important considerations are: Security – Protecting data and systems from malicious visitors Usability – Making sure users can easily access site features Searchability – Making sure automated crawlers like Google can navigate and “read” the site Well-crafted websites will effectively… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // October 13, 2015
Gino Geruntino

Terakeet Leadership Panel Explores Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Change

The first floor of Downtown Syracuse’s SKY Armory was filled to near capacity as about 100 Terakeet employees were given a first-hand look at what skills they’ll need to innovate, adapt and thrive in an ever-changing environment. Totaling nearly 30 years of combined experience, the six-person panel included leadership from every facet of the company.… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // October 9, 2015
Brenna Houghton

Terakeet Hiring Update: September 2015

As many people, students, and teachers are settling into another school year, we’re beginning the last quarter of 2015 and are gearing up for what looks like another year of exciting growth. As I reflect back on the last twelve months, there is one main recruiting constant within that time: we’ve taken on many new… Read More »

Insights // October 7, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: September 2015

Fall has officially arrived and with it plenty of chatter around influencer marketing. It’s again time to take a look at some of the best articles we’ve found over the past month. Our September recap delivers key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy and navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape.… Read More »

Insights // October 1, 2015
Zack Davis

Why Multidisciplinary Marketers are in High Demand (and How to Become one)

Those entering the workforce today are going to be the new breed of marketer — the ones who people turn to not only for feedback on a new email marketing campaign, but also to work through UX design, or to build the best strategy for maximizing gains on a strict CPC budget. While there will… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // September 30, 2015
Adam Marinelli

Employee Spotlight: Mathew Fox

Our company prides itself on the ability to empower our employees to create their own destiny. Mathew Fox (“Foxy”), a sales guru at Terakeet, embodies an entrepreneurial spirit guided by hard work and an infectious enthusiasm for results.   As one can imagine, if you’re the son of Jim Fox, CEO of O’Brien & Gere,… Read More »