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From the front lines of innovation in evolving web strategy, Insights is our laboratory of ideas.

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A glimpse into our offices, team and culture.

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Insights // September 3, 2015
Gino Geruntino

Think Like a Journalist: Understanding How to Pitch Influential Writers

Before working at Terakeet I worked as a general assignment reporter for two vastly different radio stations, one in the commercial realm and the other in public media. I’ve also spent time as a freelancer for newspapers, websites, TV stations and other media outlets. As a journalist, I was constantly on the lookout for good,… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 27, 2015
Kate Bartlett

Employee Spotlight: Shannon Spencer

When I joined the Terakeet team in November 2013, the first person I met was Shannon Spencer, a Brand Strategist on my team who sat a desk away from me. Her desk was garnished with show jumping medals and ribbons, an obvious talent of hers that I had to learn more about. When Shannon isn’t… Read More »

Insights // August 25, 2015
Mia Barnello

#Hashtagology: The Science Behind Tactful and Effective Hashtag Usage

About Hashtags As social media platforms continuously grow, the number of opportunities for businesses to get involved and integrate into evolving trends increases. The hashtag, for one, has evolved into much more than a witty caption on your friend’s picture or a tweet about the latest current event. Businesses are utilizing the hashtag in new… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 20, 2015
Brittney Lee

Terakeet Field Day 2015: Strengthening our Core Values Through Teamwork and Friendly Competition

What does filling a bucket with water have in common with developing innovative strategies for our clients? For Terakeeters, invention is the first thing that comes to mind. On a sunny Syracuse afternoon, invention was just one of the core values visible during the second annual Terakeet Field Day (TFD) at Onondaga Lake Park. The… Read More »

Insights // August 11, 2015
Tonya Nelson

Finding the Right Audience: How Brands Market to Different Personalities

Think about a brand you really love. What drew you to them? Did you find them on your own, or did someone you know recommend them? Why did you stick around? Consumers don’t just want more choices – they want more educated choices. Categories within a product line should be differentiated for individual personas. There… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 7, 2015
Brenna Houghton

Terakeet Hiring Update: July 2015

This month large employers and their HR departments will begin to ramp up for a fall filled with travel, hundreds and thousands of “one-minute” interviews, and their days spent on college campuses recruiting the next rise of college seniors. As a startup, we’ve had to take a step back and be more strategic in our… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 5, 2015
Katie Budd

Introducing the #dogsofterakeet

In celebration of National Work Like a Dog Day, I’ve decided to put the spotlight on some of Terakeet’s canine friends. These dogs are as diverse as our clients and as energetic as our employees. From occasional visitors to office regulars, our pups come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds — Chihuahuas, St. Berdoodles, you… Read More »

Insights // August 4, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: July 2015

We’ve been curating our favorite ideas and impactful stories from the realm of digital marketing. Our July recap delivers key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy and navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. Digital Marketing News Understanding the context around online conversations is the first step to creating content that… Read More »