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We’re Terakeet, a different kind of influencer marketing company.

We find influencers who actually matter to your customers and inspire them to write about your brand. Our ability to run unpaid influencer campaigns makes our approach adaptable to a range of goals, from brand and product awareness to enterprise search engine optimization.

We’re serious about results.

Who do you need to reach? We can help you get their attention.

What We Do

Below the crowded tip of the influencer marketing iceberg lies a vast world of niche creators with dedicated followings. We have the technology to find them and the expertise to get them talking naturally about you.

Why It Works

The best way to get someone’s attention is to speak through the people they already trust and listen to, sparking natural conversations about you in the online spaces where your customers live and breathe.

How We Help You

We’ve helped startups get on the map, challenger brands take on Goliaths, and industry leaders break into new markets. We adapt our approach to deliver results that matter to you, driving visibility in the ways that will benefit you the most.

How We Do It

Fueled by research and data, we use Chorus, our in-house technology platform, to sift through millions of influencers for the ones who matter to your customers. Then we create and execute campaigns that resonate, speaking with your voice directly to your market.

Cross the next frontier of influencer marketing.

Millions of influencers, ready to hear about your brand. We know how to find them and get them talking about you.

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People define organizations, and ours are creative, enthusiastic, talented, and relentlessly hard working.

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