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About Terakeet

We’re a global leader in engagement marketing technologies whose success is built on innovation, adaptability, and tireless dedication to our customers.

We provide a uniquely integrative approach to web visibility that uses our innovative technology platform, Chorus, to facilitate one-to-one human interactions at scale. We build relationships with online influencers to send authoritative search engine ranking signals, amplify awareness of a brand or message, spark meaningful conversation, and mobilize key audiences. Our customers include global Internet Retailer 100 companies, startups, advocacy groups, and political campaigns.

Terakeet has deep roots in the Syracuse, NY area, and sustainable economic growth in the region is a core part of our mission. We strongly believe in our ability—and obligation—to be a positive force in the community, as a company and as individuals. We’re committed to Syracuse’s continued revitalization and are excited to be a part of its future.

Our Vision

Terakeet will be a magnet for recruiting and retaining top talent—the #1 provider of innovative and sustainable engagement marketing technologies to the world’s leading companies.

Our Values

  • Integrity – Upholding the highest standards of trust and character throughout the organization
  • Sustainable Value - Creating long-term return on investment for customers
  • Entrepreneurship - Empowering every individual, no matter their role, with the ability to control the destiny of the company
  • Invention - Continuing the legacy of actualizing the company’s first-to-market ideas and strategies
  • Rapid Response – Listening to customers and providing the attention of an ambitious startup firm no matter how large we grow

Terakeet University

Our greatest asset is our people. That’s why every employee has access to TerakeetU, our comprehensive continued training program.

Terakeet University

TerakeetU helps employees at all levels develop the critical skills and knowledge to thrive. Not just a resource to help you in your current position, TerakeetU prepares you for a variety of different career paths within the company. Comprehensive courses in numerous areas–including leadership, technical SEO, analytics, and content development—allow you to pursue areas of particular interest and take control of your own professional development.