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Terakeet Helps Disruptive Brand Expand Reach Past Industry Titans

Case Study


  • Industry //


  • Challenge //

    Accelerate online growth for a young, disruptive brand competing in a traditional marketplace.

  • Result //

    Created a unique, personalized engagement marketing strategy that led to natural placements on influencer websites, far-reaching social media visibility and major growth in keyword ranking positioning, traffic, and customer conversions.

Challenge Proposition

In early 2013, Terakeet partnered with an up-and-coming online retail brand competing in a traditional, competitive marketplace. The client had a strong brand foundation, as well as a core group of products and a business model that were well-received by niche communities, but lacked visibility and brand recognition with the greater public. The client needed our expertise to expand their digital footprint in sustainable and measurable ways, amplifying the brand’s product and vision within new and existing markets and generating qualified traffic to key landing pages.

In order to contribute to our client’s overall marketing plan, we needed to be fully integrated in the process without interfering with the work that the client’s in-house departments and contracted vendors were already executing. We needed to identify a new angle that would inspire people to promote the brand and attract new customers.

Strategy Overview

Terakeet developed targeted engagement marketing strategies designed to increase brand visibility in the online markets that mattered most to our client’s business. Our proprietary software, Chorus, would allow us to identify and build true relationships with online influencers, who would promote the brand to their readership and social media followers without monetary or product compensation. This would bring highly qualified referral traffic to the target pages for conversion, as well as build authority to the client’s homepage and category-level pages.

Using a grassroots approach to spreading awareness about the company and its products and utilizing the brand’s marketing collateral where appropriate, we identified online communities of potential customers and enlisted influential voices within them to announce upcoming launches of new products. By allowing exclusive access to timely information and brand materials, influencers were able to break the news directly to their readers before it was picked up by major news outlets. Involving people with the announcement who were unaffiliated with the brand opened the door for alternative views and opinions about the client’s products, which resulted in diverse, overwhelmingly positive online exposure. Chorus’s ability to quickly identify and reach out to these influencers at scale allowed us to establish meaningful connections between the client and its target audience.

Results and Takeaways

Sitewide Organic Traffic, Year 1

Our approach was very successful. A strong brand and product offering, coupled with our ability to build personal and meaningful relationships with key influencers in target communities, led to major growth in the brand’s online footprint that continues to hold today. The posts and social media activity generated from our outreach efforts yielded dramatically improved search engine ranking positions, helped drive qualified traffic to target pages, and ultimately increased user signups.

Target Page 1, Year 1
Target Page 2, Year 1

Engaging influencers with related interests ensured that the brand collaborations resulting from our work were meaningful, mutually beneficial and rewarding. Many of these individuals will be brand advocates for years to come and will continue to promote the company and its growing product offering.

Diversity of Engagement Events, Year 1

Ultimately, we proved that, armed with Chorus and acting as an extension of the client’s own marketing department, we can capitalize on new and unique engagement marketing opportunities that, in turn, will yield sustainable results.

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