Enabling a New, Disruptive Retail Brand to Grow Fast through SEO


Working with a prelaunch startup is always a challenge. Doing so in a competitive retail space is even more so. This is why when we originally started with this disruptive retailer targeting men in the U.S., we knew that it would be critical to be creative in order to break through all the noise in the market to gain traction for our client. With certain target keywords being searched 246,000 times monthly in Google, the market opportunity was prime if we could capitalize on it for our client.


  • 14,500+ Took Google page one keyword rankings from zero to 14.5K+ within 15 months
  • Lower CPA Organic CPA is more than one- third lower than paid media CPA
  • 1,532,000+ Drove monthly organic traffic from zero to more than 1.5 million within 15 months


Terakeet delivered Enterprise SEO solutions for our client in four key areas:

Technical SEO

Terakeet helped to remove technical SEO obstacles from our client’s website to improve organic rankings.

Content Strategy

We created timely content related to events of interest to the target audience, including campaigns centered on the World Cup and the Super Bowl.

Strategic Outreach

Outreach efforts resulted in content placements and natural backlinks from high-profile websites such as Bleacher Report, BuzzFeed, Barstool Sports, The Chive, Ask Men, Vault and The WOW Report.

Analytics & Insights

Through ongoing analysis, Terakeet continued to refine website optimization. We also regularly provided additional recommendations, such as branded SEO strategies, the addition of CTAs to the blog, and the development of social media recommendations.

Drove monthly organic traffic from zero to more than 1.5 million within 15 months

Strategic Outreach Results

  • 10,921,476 Achieved a total audience reach of 10.9 million within 15 months
  • 346 Achieved 346 organic content placements with publishers, influencers and other partners within 15 months
  • 17,615 Drove 17.6K+ social engagement events within 15 months

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