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Bloggin’ Moms Have Got it Goin’ On!

Insights August 26, 2013


Believe it or not, mommy bloggers are the socialites and social media power players of today’s online community. Not the Justin Bieber-crazed, vampire-loving, glued to their phones teeny boppers; I’m referring to every-day moms, who are talking about fast and easy meals, DIY crafts and of course, their kiddos. But how did mommy bloggers become the power players?  Why are there so many of them? Why do we care what they made their kids for breakfast?

Honestly, I feel like the ‘mom blog’ phenomenon was a very natural development.” says resident mom-to-be and fellow mom blogger, Carolyn Fogg.  “My little one isn’t even here yet and I’m already Googling ‘how to properly change a diaper’.  It seems natural for me to get advice from other moms as opposed to big corporate websites.  With the amount of questions that go along with pregnancy, parenting and raising children, it’s no wonder that the mom blog industry developed into what it is today.

We all know women are naturally more communicative; it’s just in our nature! In fact, females are rumored to speak about 20,000 words a day – while men average 7,000 words a day.  A study conducted by the University of Maryland, suggests the reason for this is because females possess a higher level of a protein called Foxp2; essential for brain maturation, speech and language development.  This supports why females are the most active social networkers and why we don’t see more dad’s blogging, according to Nielsen Research. (source).

The world of blogging for moms has expanded beyond sharing parenting tips and swapping recipes. For many moms, blogging has become a business. Now moms are selling advertising space, offering brand partnerships, reviewing products and educating their followers on blog metrics.  There are even mom Blogger Conferences happening throughout the country. Mom bloggers take pride in their blogs and as a result, have acquired trust from their readers.  “Moms turn to other moms because they need someone who is relatable and has had similar experiences,” says Fogg. “Being real and honest helps drive people to your site”.

Mom bloggers trust the references of their peers, making social media an ideal tool that can be utilized to spread their ideas (purchase power!). As influencers, many mom bloggers review products and even in some cases, are paid by businesses to give their opinions. To put this into perspective, you wouldn’t book a trip without researching the hotel reviews or what the destination has to offer.  Consumer-created reviews are the preferred source for information about the value, price and quality of a product.  So if you’re a mom trying to plan a trip for your family, you’re going to consult the opinions of other moms.

Not every brand can necessarily benefit from the influence of these mom bloggers, but regardless of the relevance your business has to this powerful online community, there are some lessons that brands can learn from it. Mom blogs offer unique insight into the most effective ways to connect with your target audience, and how to form meaningful relationships with those you are trying to reach.  It mostly comes down to being genuine and knowledgeable about the topics your audience is passionate about.  Here are a few takeaways from the mom blog community that brands can adopt to be more effective communicators:


  • Listen to what your customers are saying and learn how you can utilize this information.  Companies pay thousands of dollars to hire others to do the research for them. Why not take the power into your own hands? Customers are often more than willing to voice their opinions about a brand to their friends, family, readers, and even the company itself.  Its up to you to use this feedback to your advantage. This can be a very powerful market research tactic.


  • With the continuous evolution of technology and enhancements in the way we connect online, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get in front of our target audience. You can easily separate yourself from the competition by involving your brand in the social media space. Fun fact: 53% of active social networkers follow a bran­­d (Nielsen 2012 SM report).


  • Connecting with your customers via social media is not exclusive to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Create a space on your business’s page that would allow for unique and sticky content that’s relevant to your current and potential customers.  Work to build a relationship with them!  This infographic from Elliance shows a few examples of how to utilize social media to amplify that content.


  • Influencers don’t exclusively exist in the mommy blogger space.  Influential bloggers exist in all different communities.  It’s a matter of knowing the right community to go after and finding where they live on the internet.


The mom blog community is a highly targeted community by most businesses, not only because of their dominating presence online, but also because of the strong voice and persuasive power they exert.  They are the tastemakers, and businesses need to get in front of them.  Even if the mom blogger community is not directly inline with your target market, businesses should be inspired by mom bloggers to learn more about their customers, by integrating themselves into those communities online.

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