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Digital Marketing Recap: January 2018

Insights February 7, 2018

Digital Marketing Recap
January 2018

Welcome back to the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. This is our first edition of 2018 and we’ll be highlighting some of January’s notable stories from the digital marketing world. With a new year comes new trends, new findings, new insights – all pieces of information that’ll shed a little light on where digital marketing is headed over the next year. Our recap will not only help you understand the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, but it’ll also allow you to maintain an effective digital strategy.

SEO and Content

With 2018 officially upon us, marketers everywhere will be looking to digest the latest trends when it comes to optimizing digital footprints for clients. When it comes to search, competition is at an all-time high between industry giants, and the technology behind the competition is pushing ahead as well.

Competition Is a Common Theme for 2018 – The new year means several new predictions from the industry’s thought-leaders, and among them – increased competition. So far, Google is the main heavy hitter that is looking to take control of market share within multiple verticals like search-enabled devices.

Adopting Digital Personal Assistants – A recent study shows that the public’s comfortability with utilizing voice search is increasing, especially in public. We’re in an electronic device environment where public perception and brand recognition weighs heavily on purchasing decisions. Considering the idea that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using voice search outside the home, this means that the voice revolution has already begun.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are smart, aware, and not easily manipulated through lazy marketing strategies. We’ve touched on this before, but it still seems as though brands think they can pull one over on them. If you’re a brand and you want to effectively utilize online publishers and creators, then putting in the time and effort to understand their wants and needs is crucial.

The Power of a Unique Marketing Strategy – When approaching unique audiences with a piece of content, a new product, or just a general pitch, you have to treat them as just that – unique. A one-size-fits-all strategy is the kiss of death when it comes to successful marketing. As consumers and audiences change, your marketing strategy needs to as well.

Analytics and Competitive Insights

Keeping your head on a swivel is of utmost importance if you’re interested in creating a sustainable competitive advantage within your market. With the widespread availability of tools and insights, the use of big data is practically commonplace among marketers now.

New Search Console Experience For All Users – Google announced that it’s rolling out the beta version of the new Search Console to all users. Building upon some of the most popular functionality within the tool, Google plans to spend the next year implementing additional functionality taken from the classic version.

Predicting the Future of Analytics – A 2017 survey by Harvard Business Review revealed that over 80% of business leaders said that the use of artificial intelligence in predictive analytics was having the largest impact on their business. Efficiency in reaching customers is always a top priority when it comes to their marketing strategy, and this new form of data analysis can help.

Brand Reputation Management

There has always been the sentiment that you can’t trust everything you read online, but the integrity of online content has taken a huge hit as of late. If social media platforms are susceptible, then you better count on the fact that your own content is as well.

Navigating Your Brand Through Hate Speech, Spam, and Fake News – With 75% of brands saying they faced a brand threatening incident last year, and more than 50% of brands having no or little protective measures in place, the dangers to brand safety are much higher than they should be. While technology is getting better in this arena, it’s still incredibly important to find and develop brand immunity online.

Social Media

Social media platforms are known for consistently changing, which makes sense given the highly-competitive nature of the space. Since last year was a big year when it came to new user features and security, this year is already shaping up to be similar.

Social Media Trendspotting – Following the dynamic nature of digital marketing in general, social media platforms were no exception when it came to change. With the inclusion of new features, and better user experiences for both consumers and brands, it’s almost certain that 2018 will be another big year for social media.

From Falsehoods to Facts – Facebook is simultaneously decreasing the number of news users see in their News Feeds and increasing the quality of any news that stays. Having been manipulated to influence the 2016 presidential election here in the United States, the social media powerhouse has joined the battle against the proliferation of fake news and continues to push forward.

Twitter Introduces Additional Advertising Functionality – In the wake of another departure to its leadership team, Twitter is reaching for any lifelines that will increase profitability and broaden consumer appeal. One method the company has pursued is advertising and now publishers are beginning to get a piece of the pie. Brands are now allowed to sponsor publishers’ Moments on the platform, increasing collaboration and alignment with top-level influencers.

Quote of the Month

“Providing great content that enthralls your readers and engages your audience is incredibly important. Writing isn’t just putting words to paper, it’s putting thoughts into action.”

– Gino Geruntino, Brand Specialist

Read more about Gino in his Employee Spotlight.

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